December 4, 2021

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School shooting in Kazan – NRK Urix – Foreign News and Documentaries

Television pictures of Russia show frightened school children and parents outside a school in Kazan.

The dream began when a young man started shooting inside the school building.

Many students had to jump out of windows on the third floor to go to safety.

Watch video: Many students had to flee out the windows.

Russian media reported that nine people were killed, including a teacher and another employee. Seven of those killed are said to be students. 21 people were injured.

Russian media report that the situation is very dangerous for the 6 children injured in Kazan.


The 19-year-old who was shot was a student at the school. He did not take the final exams this winter, so the school was banned in April.

The RPK newspaper writes that he is classified as a quiet and peaceful student.

Earlier on Tuesday, it was reported that a criminal had been shot dead, Toss said. This is not confirmed by another team and is later rejected.

According to the Russian media, the 19-year-old has repeatedly referred to himself as a “god”. He also reportedly wrote on social media that he was going to kill many people.

– My God, they’re shooting

“Some children jumped out of the windows on the third floor, apparently to protect themselves from the person who shot them,” eyewitness Diljara Samigulina told Das.

According to the RIA, an explosion was also heard at the school. Videos shared on social media show emergency vehicles, broken windows and building debris outside the school building.

– My God, they shoot right there, there may be students and teachers throwing themselves out the windows at School No. 175 when a girl is on the set.

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There should be large police forces in place.

Television footage from inside the school testified to some of the plays that went on Tuesday morning.

    Dmitry Peskov

President Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the rules for registering firearms would be reviewed.

Photo: Maxim Shemedov / Reuters

The motive for the attack is not currently clear.

Hunting weapons

President Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the rules for registering firearms would be reviewed.

The reason is that assault weapons are sometimes recorded as hunting weapons.

According to the Russian media, the 19-year-old offender was legally in possession of a hunting weapon.

Kazan is the fifth largest city in Russia, located 800 km east of Moscow on the Volga River. Kazan is the capital of the Tatarstan Republic.