October 23, 2021

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Rickstock endorses Sweden’s Prime Minister Stephen Lofven – NRK Urix – Foreign News & Documentaries

Then Lofwen lost the no-confidence vote Two weeks ago, he continued as chairman of the Commerce Ministry.

Ulf Christensen and the moderates tried to get a majority to form a new government, but two days later he had to give up.

So the Rickstock Speaker again proposed to give that job to Lofven. He Accepted the appointment.

Today, Rickstock agreed that Likefen could continue as prime minister and form a government consisting of Social Democrats and the Green Party.

Wanted re-election

Sweden will hold a regular parliamentary election next year. But many in the opposition already thought it right to call new elections so voters could say what policy the government should follow.

Lowen will now rule with a weak majority with many compromises.

“It is good that this government does not join.

Urix Descriptions: This is the government crisis in Sweden

Just minorities

At least half of Rickstock’s 349 delegates would not have voted if Lowfen had been ousted. At the polls, a narrow minority of 173 delegates voted against the plan.

A total of 116 people voted yes and 60 voted in favor. So Lowfen may continue as prime minister.

Even minorities may have been scarred. The Liberals voted to oust Lovefen, but Nina Lundstrom went against the party tax and abstained because the pre-election party promised not to cooperate with the Sweden Democrats.

– Voting in yellow is tolerable, but standing free in opposition. So I respect the election promise before the 2018 election. That’s why I voted in yellow, he says According to SVD.

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