December 4, 2021

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Republicans want to remove Trump critics from power

The Republican Party has been divided into two groups since the November election; Supporters of former President Donald Trump, and those who believe the party is being better served by moving forward.

In the latter section, which is also in the minority, one finds Liz Cheney. He is a Republican leader and was one of ten Republicans who voted to put Donald Trump on trial in January.

– A crossroads

As is well known, Trump was acquitted in the Supreme Court case, but that did not stop Cheney from criticizing the former president. Cheney, the third most powerful Republican in the House of Representatives, recently published an article Washington Post, Where he went very hard against Donald Trump.

– Trump wants to remove important parts of our constitution from areas where democracy operates, such as trust in election results and the rule of law. Cheney wrote that no other president has done this.

The Republican Party, the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, made a clear appeal to her party colleagues:

“Republicans are at a crossroads, and Republicans must decide whether to choose truth and loyalty to the Constitution,” Cheney warned.

Great dissatisfaction

The call with party colleagues did not go exactly right and they now have a series of Trump criticisms of Cheney. This week, they will vote to drop Cheney’s leadership.

– After listening to their views, it becomes clear that we need a change. So, you can expect a referendum on Wednesday, Republican leader Kevin McCarthy wrote in a letter to party colleagues.

Kevin McCarthy believes Trump's continued criticism draws attention away from the midterm elections.

Kevin McCarthy believes Trump’s continued criticism draws attention away from the midterm elections. Photo: Andrew Hornick / AB Photo

McCarthy points out that Cheney’s critique of Trump draws attention away from the crucial midterm elections in 2022, while emphasizing the need to accommodate different views within the party.

– We are the party with the highest roof. Unlike the left, we accept debate and free thought, McCarthy adds.

Thin patience

A similar referendum was held in February, which ended with a clear majority in favor of Cheney. After three months, patience is running low for many, and Cheney has little support within his own party.

– Trying to remove Donald Trump from the Republican Party is crazy. Senator and Trump supporter Lindsay Graham warned in an interview with Fox News on Monday night that those who try to do so will be fired.

President McCarthy has openly stated that he has no problem voting for Cheney, who toppled Trump in the Supreme Court case. Unaware of the conversation being caught on the microphone, he said he had “lost faith” in Cheney and that “she has big problems”. Axios.

May be replaced by Trump supporters

Of those who actually support Cheney, one surprisingly does not find Mid Romney. The Utah senator recently addressed a Republican state convention in his home state, and he is a clear critic of former President Trump.

“Removing Liz Senate’s presidency will not give Republicans a vote, but it will cost us some,” Romney warned on Twitter.

Should there be a majority to remove Cheney, Trump supporter Elise Stephanik from New York is the most favorite to accept the leadership.

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