January 17, 2022

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Norwegian law does not allow products to collect police certificates.

It is no secret that reality products such as “Paradise Hotel” and “X on the Beach” have garnered criticism in recent years, especially as the acting process surrounding this type of reality show has made headlines across the country.

Can be completed earlier this year TV2 Of the 153 participants in the five seasons of “Paradise Hotel”, 23 revealed that two seasons of “X on the Beach” had a verdict on record that was not explained before the participants had fun on screen, and many were found guilty after the recording.

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There are many examples where participants have previously been convicted of violence, drug use and possession, various traffic crimes and sexual intercourse with minors.

In line with many headlines and confusing information, questions are constantly being sent to various reality products about how ex-offenders should not be thrown out of the casting process before being recorded.

They also face this, and the answer is often the same: They are not allowed to get certificates for good behavior, And the casting process is based on 100 percent trust between the participants and the product. In other words, a participant easily fails to tell about pre-production or ongoing crimes.

– Easy for everyone

The online newspaper interacts with many actors in acting and reality who want change in the law. According to Netavision’s experience, many lawyers are on the field without any initial success in development.

As the law exists today, only employers who employ persons working with children have the right to view the police certificate for applicants.

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I Broadcasting Act -18 2-18 This is called:

Broadcasters and providers of AudioVisual Order Services, employees with work assignments that involve regular contact with minors, are required to provide a police certificate accordingly. Police Registration Act § 39 By position or contract. This also applies to employees in production companies who produce projects commissioned by a broadcaster or audiovisual contracting service provider..

Jர்கrgen Hermanson, CEO of Strix, a production company that produces programs for TV2 such as “Foreman”, “Forman Gentis” and “Somerhita”, said the opportunity to access police certifications would no doubt make their job easier.

Strix works closely with production companies such as Novemberfilm and Rocket, which, among others, develop programs such as “Charter Fever” and “Everyone Loves Camping”.

– This is a code of ethics that we want to uphold, he tells Netavision that we do not want to turn violent criminals into reality heroes on TV.

– If you had the law, it would have been so much easier for everyone. Because it’s not good to be a participant who thinks it’s not that important – or to be a participant who doesn’t show a product. So in my view, Hermanson believes that access to police certification is best for all parties.

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Daily can have big consequences

Once the casting process is complete, if the participant is found to have a serious offense behind it, it will have far more consequences than the participant – he or she will be excluded from the season.

– The TV channel has an editorial responsibility, including protecting themselves from it. The confidence we give participants by telling themselves is constantly being shattered. Then there is a deal we can’t offer. So there is something in both TV channels and we assume it is complicated. Because Hermansen tells Netavision that we can only make a deal for a certain height.

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Discovery, which is behind projects like “X on the Beach”, “71 Degrees North” and “First Date”, also sees the benefits of being allowed to check certificates of good behavior on reality participants.

Ola-Magnus Svihas, senior communications consultant for Discovery Networks Norway AS, tells Netavision that participants in their projects go through a lengthy casting process before they finally appear on screen.

– It includes several interviews with the production and channel, and many conversations with a psychologist before going through the eye of the needle, Ola-Magnus Svihas tells Netavision.

– It is clear that the opportunity to get a certificate of good conduct will be very useful in a casting process, and an entire television industry has expressed the desire many times to get the opportunity to do so. He says that desire is still valid.

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According to Netavision’s experience, Nent, which is behind products such as «Paradise HotelAs, supports a change in the law that will enable future participants in reality shows to obtain police certificates.

However, the company did not want to comment.

Coming out anyway

Hermanson at Strix points out that it is important to know as much as possible about the participants they are going to work with.

– These days we did “Robinson”, when participants run on a beach at 40 degrees, it is good to know if you have heart problems, so you do not fall in the middle of production. It is good to know what your life has been like in the past. This can be equated in many ways, he says.

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Also, the information that one chooses to keep to oneself comes out anyway.

– All information about you will appear as soon as you are released. All we want is honesty and open conversation, so if you can be on TV we can accept editorial responsibility, he says.

Storting should be taken in stride

In both the UK and Denmark, there is legislation that gives future reality participants access to certificates of good conduct. Despite this, one finds that the holes for participants were never initially on television.

Among other things, the ongoing criminal case does not appear on the certificate of good conduct.

Advocates Netavison said the change in law is at least a step in the right direction towards a safer and simpler casting process. If the law on certification for good behavior is to be changed, Sorting must take steps to make it applicable to those who create reality.

The online newspaper has repeatedly sought an opinion from the Ministry of Culture behind the broadcasting law on why the change in the law has not already taken place and what is needed to change the law. They have not yet responded to Netavision’s inquiries into the case.


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