January 17, 2022

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Raised faster than expected – Viji

President Joe Biden spoke with the country on Monday night, Norwegian time. Photo: Evan Woozy / AB

U.S. President Joe Biden said Monday that the situation in Afghanistan was developing faster than expected and that nation-building was never the goal of the United States.


The truth is that this grew faster than we expected, and the president, in his address to the nation during Norwegian time on Monday night, defended the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan for nearly 20 years.

– So what happened? The political leaders of Afghanistan abandoned and left the country. The Afghan army collapsed, sometimes without even trying to fight.

Biden added that Afghanistan’s rapid decline would not have helped “another year, five more years or another 20 years” in the presence of the U.S. military, and that this was not a good time to withdraw U.S. forces.

– US forces cannot fight a war in which Afghan forces are not ready to fight for themselves.

– We gave them every opportunity

Biden pointed out that they trained the Afghan army of 300,000 men, paid their salaries, and maintained their air force.

– We gave them all the opportunities to determine their own future. We could not give them the will to fight for that future, Biden said.

Pictures and videos from Kabul airport on Monday showed the Taliban fighting to leave the country after capturing the capital. People ran after the planes According to the news agency AB, at least seven people have so far died in the chaos.

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– The events we see now are a testament to the fact that unfortunately no military force, regardless of size, can provide us with a stable, united and secure Afghanistan – known as the tomb of empires in history. What is happening now could have easily happened five years ago or in 15 years in the future, Biden said, adding that building the nation was never America’s goal.

“I firmly believe this: it would be wrong to order US troops to step up their efforts when Afghanistan’s own armed forces do not,” Biden said.

The US goal in Afghanistan has always been to prevent terrorist attacks on the United States, which was achieved when Osama bin Laden was assassinated.

The President noted that the United States would act swiftly in Afghanistan if necessary to prevent acts of terrorism.

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– It will stop with me

Biden said he faced a choice between adhering to an agreement reached to withdraw his troops and sending thousands of troops to Afghanistan for a third-decade war.

– He asked how many more Americans would die.

But after the war continued under four presidents, he said he did not want to send an endless war like the war in Afghanistan to a fifth president.

– It stops with me, he said.

But Biden promised to continue to focus on women and children in Afghanistan under the Taliban.

We will continue to talk about the fundamental rights of the people, women and children of Afghanistan, and human rights have always been the guiding principle of American policy.

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