January 17, 2022

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Queen Elizabeth II – Death Information Surprise

Our compulsion The British royal family bids farewell With Prince Philip, who died on April 9, 99, as a result of old age.

Picture of Queen Elizabeth (95), a grieving widow, sitting alone during a funeral service at St. George’s Church The next few days touched an entire world. Due to the corona epidemic, only 30 guests, mainly from the prince’s close family, attended the funeral. All guests wore masks and kept their distance.

Now, however, reveals Defender, To whom access to documents is granted, details of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral and what happens immediately after the Queen’s death.

funeral rites: Queen Elizabeth sat alone and said a final goodbye to her 73-year-old husband, Prince Philip. Now the film touches the whole world. Photo: A.P.
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Prohibit retweeting

According to the website, the new information, codenamed “Operation London Bridge” – contains a detailed description of the authorities’ concern about the Queen’s funeral and the lack of evidence regarding its execution.

Widow: Queen Elizabeth II at the funeral of her late husband Prince Philip.  The couple has been married for 73 years.  Photo: Jonathan Brady / POOL / AFP / NTB
Here: Queen Elizabeth II at the funeral of her late husband Prince Philip. The couple has been married for 73 years. Photo: Jonathan Brady / POOL / AFP / NTB
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There is no doubt that social media plays a key role in the news of the Queen’s death, and the British royal family will at that time replace the Royal House website with a short statement confirming the black screen.

According to documents, The Guardian has approached all social media sites for British officials to face a black banner and not to publish all non-urgent content.

It is said that all retweets on the Twitter website will be blocked if they are not approved by the authorities’ communications manager.

The Guardian writes that the Prime Minister will be notified that “London Bridge is under” at the same time that death will be announced through the “news flash” in the PA media.

Story: Queen Elizabeth spoke to the British people during the Corona crisis. Images from the BBC.
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National Concerns

Documents show the Queen’s coffin being carried in procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Palace. Here it will be on a platform that is open to the public 23 hours a day for three days.

The funeral will take place 10 days after the Queen’s death, which is considered “National Day of Mourning”. Locally, the day is referred to as “T-day”.

Furthermore, the documents address concerns about staff and resources on the important day that a large number of tourists, including the Foreign Office, will come to mourn the Queen’s death.

The British Home Office is also concerned about possible terrorist warnings, and the Department of Transportation is at risk of congested capital as a result of the news of the death.

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