January 17, 2022

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Province refuses to give up Taliban – NRK Urix – Foreign News & Documentaries

“Punchshir strongly opposes anyone who wants to enslave the people,” the ambassador to Tajikistan in Afghanistan said on Wednesday.

He removed the portrait of President Ashraf Ghani and replaced it with the portrait of Vice President Amrullah Saleh.

Afghan embassy staff hang a portrait of Afghanistan's first vice president, Amrullah Saleh, on the wall at the embassy in Dushanbe.

A portrait of Amrullah Saleh will be hung at the Afghan Embassy in Tajikistan on August 18.

Photo: Embassy of the Islamic Republic / Reuters

After Ghani was deported to the United Arab Emirates, Saleh declared himself the country’s legal and executive president. Previously, Saleh was also head of intelligence.

He led the opposition against the Taliban from the Panchshir Valley.

Lion from Punchshir – and his son

But at least as a symbol, there is another very important one in the resistance struggle.

Ahmed Masood is 32 years old and the son of a legend. Ahmad Shah Masood began his resistance struggle in the Panchshir Valley, but eventually became the commander-in-chief of most of northern Afghanistan.

Ahmed Shah Masood with his son Ahmed in 1997

Ahmad Shah Masood with his then 8-year-old son Ahmed on August 21, 1997 at his home in the Panjir Valley.

Photo: Emmanuel Dunant / AFP

First he fought against the Soviet occupation, then he fought against the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

“The Lion from Punchshir” was killed in a suicide bombing two days before the 2001 Al Qaeda terrorist attack. Two Arabs pretended to be journalists.

The son Ahmed is like the father, it is said in the facts.

Being on their side of geography is part of history.

The valley is surrounded by high mountains and can only be accessed via a narrow path formed by the Panjir River. So it is relatively easy to protect yourself from outside attacks.

Panjshir Valley is not far from the capital Kabul. Yet it was seldom a military target for the rebels.

Playing on legacy

In an article on Washington Post On Wednesday, the young Masood recalled how the French philosopher Bernard-Henry Levy visited them in the mountains when he was nine years old.

“When you fight for your freedom, you fight for our freedom,” Levy said.

– My father did not forget this when he was fighting against the Taliban regime, the younger Masood writes.

File photo: Ahmed Masood, son of slain anti-Soviet hero Ahmad Shah Masood, speaks during an interview at his home in Bazar, Afghanistan's Banjir province

Ahmed Masood, son of opposition hero Ahmed Shah Masood, was interviewed on September 5, 2019 near his home in Bazarak, Bazarak.

Photo: Mohammad Ismail / Reuters

He is willing to follow in his father’s footsteps and says they have been storing ammunition for 20 years since their father was killed.

Soldiers from the Afghan army and former members of the Afghan Special Forces have arrived in Punjab to continue the fighting.

They have several armored vehicles and at least one helicopter.

Afghan government forces in Panjir

Afghan government forces on August 19 in Barak, Panjir province.

Photo: Ahmed Sahal Arman / AFP

Asks for the support of Western countries

Ahmed Masood writes that “not enough” with soldiers, weapons and ammunition.

So he asks the West to find ways to help “without delay”.

Masood pleads for selfishness. He says Taliban-controlled Afghanistan will once again become a base for Islamic terrorism.

The Taliban have repeatedly promised to prevent this. IS is a competitor to them.

Afghanistan Army helicopter in Punchshir

Several planes and helicopters were expelled from the country when the Taliban entered Kabul on August 15. But Panjshir Valley is considered safe enough, here is a picture from August 16th.

Photo: Ahmed Sahal Arman / AFP

Support of the former Minister of Defense

And Defense Minister Bismillah Khan Mohammed from the ousted government of President Ghani Located in Punchshir.

He says He is ready to be killed to protect his homeland.

Mohammed accused Khan of “selling out of the motherland”.

Like the ambassador to Tajikistan, the former defense minister hopes to arrest his former president and commander-in-chief.

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