October 23, 2021

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Princess Madeleine and Crown Princess Victoria:

Can last more than one and a half years on American soil Princess Madeleine (39) Finally bring the rest of the family to Sweden early this summer. The infection has forced her and her husband Chris O’Neill, 47, to stay in the United States with their three children, Leonor (7), Nicholas (6) and Adrian (3).

With so many large family gatherings missing in Sweden since the winter of 2019, now the family can finally enjoy the Swedish summer again.

“Made” also gets the chance to make up for lost time with the rest of the family. In particular, she probably missed Big Sister Crown Princess Victoria (43), With whom she has always had a close and good relationship.

The two sisters are now together in Aland, where there is a long tradition of giving the royal family a holiday every summer, especially since the Crown Princess’ birthday on July 14 is called Victoria Day.

Attempt: Revealed in Princess Madeleine’s “Squallon”, she never expected to be the center. Video: NRK
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Last 570 days

The private castle of King Carl Gustaf (75) resides in Solidan while the Swedish royal family is on the island. This summer, concerts will be held on state property called Soliden Sessions.

Many famous artists will perform throughout the summer, and the royal family will be self-described guests among the audience.

Summer Dress: Victoria and Madeleine came to the concert in light and casual summer outfits.  Photo: Magnus Johnson
Summer dresses: Victoria and Madeleine came to the concert in light and casual summer attire. Photo: Magnus Johnson
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On Monday of this week, Princess Madeleine and Crown Princess Victoria took the trip to one of the many concerts, and then the photographers were certainly not far off.

Fun: Pictures of Princess Model's first concert on Swedish soil since arriving in her home country in June.  Photo: Magnus Johnson
COZINESS: Pictures of the concert are Princess Model’s first film on Swedish soil since arriving in her home country in June. Photo: Magnus Johnson
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It has been reported that this is the first time in 570 days that Princess Madeleine has been depicted in Sweden Swedish Women’s Magazine. The website states that we last saw him in public in Sweden during the Nobel Prize party in Stockholm in December 2019.

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This is the first time Princess Madeleine has attended a public event since arriving in the old country in June. In Victoria and Madeleine’s company with each other, Peter Jabeck’s (50) music seemed to grow well with the others.

Ready for celebration

The court’s information manager, Margaret Thorgren, said Reveal Earlier this week the majority of the Swedish royal family were on an island in the Baltic Sea.

– Due to the epidemic, the family will stay longer this year, and they will follow the concerts in the summer, Thorkiren told the Swedish newspaper.

He added that the entire Swedish royal family would gather in Aland on the occasion of the Crown Princess’ birthday on July 14. Although the festivals will be greatly reduced due to restrictions and infection control, there will be a big celebration.

Royal House Crown Princess Victoria will not be meeting people outside Solidan Castle on the big day in June – to avoid a large crowd. The situation was similar last year.

The official celebration begins with a concert of Victoria in the ruins of Fort Borcom, where the Crown Princess couple and parts of the royal family take part. The concert will air on SVD1 on the evening of July 14th.

Table: Petra Markland was criticized for not making the right accusations when the Crown Princess addressed Victoria Day. Video: SVT
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The crown princess will also receive the “Victoria Prize”, which goes to Swedish skater Niles van der Boyle (25) this year.

Victorian days include a tennis match on July 12, a golf match on July 13 and a Victoria Race on July 15.

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