October 23, 2021

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Princess Latifa – New movie of the “missed” princess

The “missing” princess from Dubai appeared on Instagram on Sunday night in another new photo. In the photo, she poses with her friend at the airport in Madrid, Spain. It writes for many international media Defender.

In recent months, the princess has appeared in several photos on her friend Zionet Taylor’s Instagram profile.

Below is a picture of Taylor working as a school teacher in Dubai:

Best European Holiday with Latifa. We explore the fun! “

Failed to escape

In recent years, several female members of the royal family in the Emirates have sought to oust Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and his regime. He is the Prime Minister and Vice President of the United Arab Emirates and the Emir (Head of State) of Dubai.

In 2018, one of his daughters tried to escape from his father’s rule. After living under strict rules for 32 years, Princess Latifa Bint Mohammed al-Maktoum tried to flee to France.

He then enlisted the help of a French spy and his Finnish martial arts instructor.

The escape attempt failed when the boat was hijacked by gunmen, and Latifa was captured.

From then until February 2021, it was quiet. Several secret videos were later released Latifa said he held himself hostage, and then it was quiet again.

Then went on, among other things The UN has issued a statement saying they fear for the life of the princess, And they demanded to get the signs of life from Latiba.

Hostage: Princess Latifa accused her father, Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, of holding her hostage. Video: BBC. Reporter: Elias K.R. Sol-Peterson
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– It’s good

In a comment below the picture, someone asked if the princess was well. During the comment, Taylor responded:

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“She’s fine,” followed by a thumb emoji. He also confirmed that the photo was taken at the Madrid Barajas Airport Sky News.

Advocate Radha Stirling, the founder of “Detained in Dubai,” writes in a statement that it is gratifying to see the Princess enjoying freedom.

– It is good to see Latifa enjoying more freedom and time with friends in Europe, after a complex three-year campaign, writes Stirling Report.

Nonetheless, he insists that the three photos of the princess posted so far on Taylor’s Instagram profile cannot compensate for the escape attempt that was halted in 2018.

Many who comment on the latest photo are skeptical that this is actually true, and ask if they can only say why Princess Latifa is so good. This is what Sky News writes.

However, it seems they are wearing masks from both the latest photo and photo released at the end of May. This may indicate that the photos were taken relatively recently.