January 17, 2022

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Princess Charlene: – It will take time to solve my problem

For three months, Princess Charlene, 43, of Monaco, has been living in her native South Africa without her husband, Prince Albert, 63, and children Gabriella and Jacques, 6.

She first went there to focus on rhino conservation, but at the end of May she had surgery for a severe ear-nose-throat infection — so the return trip had to be postponed.

Speculations about marital problems began to grow rapidly, but these rumors In July he defeated Charlene again.

Will be until the end of October

Now 43 years old she is coming up with a new update about the course of the disease where she reveals that she will have to undergo another surgery.

– I initially wanted to be here for ten to twelve days, but unfortunately I had trouble balancing my ears, so the doctors found that I had very severe sinusitis. It will take time to figure out my problem, he explained while hosting Mandy Weiner on South African radio on Friday People.

– I can not force a recovery statement – so I will be stuck in South Africa until the end of October, he added.

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Although the princess will soon undergo another operation and will have to settle in her home country for an additional three months, she is fine by the conditions.

– I feel good, said Charlene, but at the same time admitted that not being with family for many months is difficult.

– This is really the longest time I ‘ve been away from Europe and my kids.

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– Sit down and wait

Earlier this month, he shared with his followers on Instagram that he talks to kids daily via FaceTime.

In early June, Prince Albert and the twins met her, and they planned to meet her again when the next operation was over, people write.

Like I said, I actually sit and wait. I could not predict how to heal. But yes, I’m so sorry I could not spend the summer with my kids in Europe, Charlene shared in a radio interview.

As mentioned, there were rumors of marital problems with Prince Albert because the princess had been away from the family for a long time. It was hard for the 43-year-old.

– This is a very difficult time for me. I miss my husband and my children so much. As the medical team said, the hardest part was that I was not allowed to go home for our ten year wedding celebration, he said in an interview with Channel 24. Picture sheetIn early July.

“I would not have reached these painful months without Prince Albert my rock, my strength, his love and support,” he continued.