January 17, 2022

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Prince William and Duchess Gate:

It’s not exactly everyday food, but social media has made it easy to at least get an insight behind the royal walls.

There have been many royal families in recent years Photo sharing service created profiles on Instagram, Many live apparently normal lives when not in official duties.

Prince William (39) And Duchess Gate (39) He shared his first photo on Instagram in January 2015 and goes by the name “Duke and Duchess of Cambridge” today.

In their profile, images from official missions are constantly shared, but they are still among those who have opened a few more doors through social media.

Especially on birthdays, they share photos His three children are Prince George (8), Princess Charlotte (6) and Prince Louis (3)..

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– Important

But this is not enough for royal fans. So, there were many who were extra happy when I shared a personal photo of six-year-old Charlotte a few days ago.

In the field of comments that fans pay tribute to the prince and princess and point out how beautiful the little princess is, it reflects the joy that comes from the people.

At the time of writing, the film is approaching one million likes. However, the image of Kate and William Charlotte shared with the world can reveal that it is not without reason.

A six-year-old boy holds a butterfly in his hand, and Duke and the couple write the following for pictures:

“We wanted to share these peacock and red admiral’s beautiful butterflies as part of the big #ButterflyCount effort in the UK.”

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This effort works accordingly Large number of butterflies Butterflies show how the environment is.

So Kate and William encouraged people to hang out and see how beautiful they are, but count them because they are important.

“Butterflies are an important part of the ecosystem because they contain both pollinators and components in the food chain,” they continue.


When the couple last photographed their daughter when she was six years old in May, Charlotte was wearing a floral Rachel Riley dress.

Smiling, she looked straight at the photographer, who on that occasion was the Duchess herself.

Prince William and Duchess Kate took the children to Canada.
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After the Duchess shared a photo of her daughter dressed, it was soon sold out. The designer said later Vanity Fair The little princess seems to have the same effect on the shoppers interested in her stylish mother.

We look forward to Princess Charlotte’s style growing with age, and we have no doubt that she will be a great fashion icon to the extent that her mother, Riley, is proud.

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