October 23, 2021

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Prime Minister of the Netherlands: Sorry for the reopening

On Saturday, June 26, almost all infection control activities in the Netherlands were canceled.

– The end of the crisis is in sight, said Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte when announcing the reopening of the community.

However, the reopening did not go exactly as planned – over the past three weeks, the spread of the infection has skyrocketed. As of Saturday, more than 10,000 new cases have been reported, the highest number since December last year.

Now the Prime Minister agrees that the measures have been relaxed very quickly, reports BBC.

– Sadness

Rutte had previously said it would be a “natural move” to reopen in June due to an infection situation.

However, the Prime Minister on Monday acknowledged that it was the government’s fault for removing almost all anti-epidemic measures at once.

– What we thought was possible in practice is wrong. We are sorry. We are sorry, Rutte said Politics.

The apology comes in the wake of a sharp rise in infections in recent weeks. A total of 1,736,879 people have tested positive for Covit-19 in the Netherlands since the outbreak, with the latest figures showing that nearly 18,000 have died. Global metrics.

Cognitive Errors: Rutte admits that the Dutch government misjudged and opened up society too quickly.  Photo: Bill Nijuis / AFP / NDP
Knowledge Errors: Rutte admits that the Dutch government misjudged and opened up society too quickly. Photo: Bill Nijuis / AFP / NDP
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Closing again

With the Dutch reopening, restaurants, museums and theaters will be able to open their doors to more people than ever before – without restrictions. Discos and nightclubs also opened. With the exception of public transport, airports and testing and vaccination centers, the general bandage requirement has been eliminated. The only rule to follow is to keep a distance of 1.5 meters from the others.

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On Friday, the government tightened its grip again.

– Not fun, but necessary, said Rutte when told about the re-introduced measures.

Britain overcame epidemic – opens

On the same day that the Dutch Prime Minister acknowledged that society was open in advance, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on July 19 that almost all epidemic control measures in the UK would be canceled.

“We believe this is the right moment to open up the community,” Johnson told a news conference Monday night.

The final phase of the UK reopening plan is to remove the cleaning order, meter rule and requirement for the home office.

Major changes are being introduced despite the increasing incidence of infection The country is preparing for a million epidemics. Patrick Valens, the government’s top scientific adviser, fears that if people do not act wisely when society opens, the UK will see the same growth as the Netherlands.