January 17, 2022

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Price Hall goes to the competition joint – Viji

Moves: The biggest one in “Sway House” goes to the biggest competitor in the sum.

The Internet star reveals that he changed friends and became part of the “Hype House” collaboration.

Influencer Price Hall (22) announces he has 3.6 million followers on YouTube The arch-enemy goes to the “Hype House” After leaving Sway House, he became an unofficial leader.

Fans of the 22-year-old were shocked when Hall announced he was leaving “Sway House”. Dexter. He later said he had no friends since he was in “Sway House”.

“Hype House” was founded in December 2019 And an influencer in a 1300 sq ft villa in Los Angeles. Inside

Sad times, Hall says, is about time in “Sway House.”

When he said he would leave the previous federation he indicated that the influencer would get his own house, but now it is clear that he will be part of a new gang.

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The “Hype House” joint enjoys a reality series

Many of the big stars in Dictok are associated with “Hype House”, including Charlie and Dixie de Amelio. Members collaborate to create content for social media. The D’Amelio sisters said they did last year Leaving the joint Because they don’t want to be part of the business of collaboration.

– My nightmare came true. I started at “Sway House” as a leader and now I joined “Hype House” under Thomas, the 22-year-old says in that video.

Part of the revelation is that Thomas Petrew, the founder of the “Hype House”, received him in his new home.

Hall has more than 20 million followers in Dickdock and his ex-girlfriend Addison Ray, a third follower in Dickdock and formerly a 22-year-old, was part of the now-going crowd — the two split earlier this year.

Price Hall has previously been criticized for his statements on social media. Among other things, he was banned from YouTube for a week for harassment and cyberbullying.