January 17, 2022

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Politics, USA | Hammer after Trump theft:

Donald Trump asks it after a formal fight against President Joe Biden.

New York / Washington (online newspaper): In a Republican speech Saturday night in North Carolina, Donald Trump slandered President Joe Biden, saying the president was weak and the country was being destroyed.

– Our country is being destroyed before our eyes

“As we gather here tonight, our country is being destroyed before our very eyes,” Trump said.

– Crime is erupting, police districts are being demolished and financial aid is being lost, can you believe this? Trump was outraged that taking money from the police was a good policy and addressed issues on Mexico’s border.

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– Look at our border, it is wide open. Trump said he was directly critical of President Joe Biden, saying the number of illegal immigrants was going to the ceiling, at a level we had never seen before – only in a few months.

– Drugs are also flowing into the country, petrol prices have dropped and our businesses are being run by cyber attacks from abroad.

“This is disrespectful to our country and our leaders,” Trump said.

– When we talk about leaders, they are now bowing to China. Trump said the United States is being humiliated and humiliated on the world stage.

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“The most important key figures in the world” Very good news for President Joe Biden

– Our freedom is being taken away from us

Trump used most of his speech to approach President Joe Biden, calling him the most radical left-wing administration in history.

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– Our freedom is being taken away from us by the culture of abolition on the left, and the Biden administration is now pushing toxic critical racial doctrine and illegal discrimination into our children’s textbooks. Now, tell me, will we tolerate this?

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Joe Biden and the Socialist Democrats are the most radical left-wing administration in history. Trump says even Bernie Sanders can’t believe this.

In a speech to Republicans in North Carolina on Saturday night, Trump joked about the possibility of running for re-election in 2024. But first he said he would focus on regaining a majority in Congress next year.

– America’s survival depends on its ability to elect Republicans at all levels, including next year’s by-elections. This is what we need to do. We have to defend our borders, we have to achieve all of this, Trump said in his speech, which lasted almost an hour and a half.

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Recent shocking statistics on conspiracy theories

Exposed to witch hunting

Only at the end of the speech did Trump address his favorite topic for the time being, namely that electoral defeat he called the crime of this century.

Since leaving the White House in January, he has continued to promote the undocumented claim that the election was rigged.

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The indictment has sparked waves of proposals to reduce suffrage in several Republican-led states, although fraud allegations have been dismissed in nearly 60 cases, the results of several Republican governors and officials in his own administration and several reports.

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In his speech on Saturday, he repeatedly stated that the election had been rigged, while reiterating that he had been subjected to a “witch hunt”.

– Trump, you are not right

CNN ‘s Jim Acosta is now one of the commenters on Trump’s claim that the election was rigged.

You are not completely good, you have to go through this, he says in a comment CNN

But Acosta is not alone. Ahead of Trump’s speech, Ammar Moussa, a spokeswoman for the Democratic National Committee, came out and launched a strike against Trump.

“The more than 400,000 Americans who have died, the millions of lost jobs and dangerous careless rhetoric are not enough for Republicans to break with a failed president who will cost the White House, Senate and House of Representatives,” Moussa said.

The new phase meets

The session in Greenville marks the beginning of a new phase of public meetings and other public events for Trump, who has been barred from accessing his supporters via social media, four months after leaving the White House.

Trump has been banned permanently, and on Friday Facebook decided to extend its ban for two years.

His advisers are already planning to appear in Ohio, Florida, Alabama and Georgia to support the candidates Trump chooses and to inspire voters.

But some Republicans are worried that candidates loyal to Trump will affect the party’s hopes of regaining a majority in Congress.

Although he has great support in the Trump party, he is very unpopular among other important voter groups. He lost last year’s election because moderate Republicans in the suburbs left the party.

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The daughter-in-law does not pose

He spoke to about 1,200 participants at a restaurant table in the convention center in Greenville on Saturday, in contrast to the massive mass gatherings held in large stadiums during his presidency. The text, which was streamed on the Internet, was followed by several thousand people.

For a moment, he left the stage for his daughter-in-law, Laura Trump, from North Carolina. As rumor has it, he announced he would not run for state senator next year.

Immediately, Trump offered his support to his loyal supporter, Dead Put, one of the many candidates for the Senate election. This is an acknowledgment to former Secretary of State Pat McGregor, who criticized Trump for actually claiming to have won the presidential election.

– You can not choose those who have already lost two elections and do not stand in support of our values, he said.

Trump has full control

Although he has to work hard to listen, Trump still has full control over the Republican Party.

In a recent poll, 66 percent of Republicans said they would like to see him run again, while the same percentage of Americans do not want him to run again.


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