January 22, 2022

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Politically affected by the long Govt – Viji

Has long been politically affected by the Govt

Mouth off: President Joe Biden removes his mask after arriving at the White House by helicopter on August 2. Other Americans need to put on their bandages. Again. Photo: Kevin Deutsch / Getty Images North America

Seven out of ten Americans have been vaccinated. But Joe Biden has no reason to celebrate a successful campaign. He has been battling the long-term political consequences of Govt-19.


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Biden went to the polls with a big promise. He turned the presidential election into a referendum on who is best suited to deal with the biggest health crisis of many generations. Biden wanted to appear as the savior of the nation.

But the delta variant of the virus had other plans. While Biden was ready to declare victory against the virus, the country was plagued by another violent epidemic when most Americans threw away their bandages.

Every day, 70-80,000 Americans suffer. A month ago, that number was over 10,000. In some states, intensive care units are filled with Govt-19 patients. In May, health officials said vaccinated people did not need to wear a face mask at home. Now experts say even fully vaccinated people should use masks in areas at significant risk of infection. That’s 80 percent of all Americans.

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American doctor: Corona asked for a vaccine at the hospital and begged

On Independence Day, July 4, Biden wanted to announce that Americans were free of the deadly virus.

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– 245 years ago, we declared independence from a distant king. Today we are closer than ever to declaring our freedom from the deadly virus.

But Biden had to make a reservation. He said the Govt-19 had not disappeared. He recalled that the powerful types of participants announced their arrival. By July 4, Biden had not reached the target of 70 percent of adult vaccinations. That goal was not achieved after four weeks.

On July 4, Biden said the United States had a hand in the virus. It does not seem so today. When 30 percent of the adult population is unprotected, severe delta variation can cause major damage. When infection control measures are reintroduced in large parts of the United States, it creates frustration and confusion. A new wave of infections will be a political burden for Biden. He promised to rescue the United States, but now the Americans are experiencing a severe setback.

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Significant epidemic in New Orleans: – Our children are dying

Republicans will be blamed for Biden and the handling of the epidemic. This is an opportunity for the opposition to gain political points. But in reality, some Republican politicians, conservative opinion leaders in the media and conspiracy theorists on the far right have the greatest responsibility for the virus’ re-emergence.

There are right-wing actors who have raised doubts about how dangerous the virus is, and then created uncertainty about vaccines. Scientific expertise has become questionable. Some have argued that epidemic control measures are an attempt by the authorities to control free citizens.

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Of course, Govt-19 is no different between Republicans and Democrats. But epidemics are not as politicized in any other country as in the polarized United States. Extensive opinion polls by The Economist and UCO show that the most important explanation for whether or not an American is vaccinated is whether he or she voted for Donald Trump or Joe Biden in the presidential election. Biden’s voters are often vaccinated, not many of Trump’s voters.

Thirty percent of those identified as Republicans say they do not want to be vaccinated. Conservative and Republican parties in the South are now the hardest hit by the new wave of epidemics. Republicans like Arkansas, Florida and Louisiana have higher infection rates. Missouri has more hospitals.

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American Infection Control Expert: You do not know what you are talking about

It is a paradox that many Republicans are skeptical and / or hostile to the vaccines developed on Donald Trump’s watch. But Trump’s attempt to tackle the epidemic was fraught with many contradictions, which allowed for alternative explanations and deep distrust of the authorities. He underestimated the threat before declaring war on the virus. He took epidemiologists to the income for his opinion, until they were insulted if they told their opinion. He made fun of those who used the masks and urged states to repeal infection control measures before they were justified.

Vaccine development was a high priority when Trump was president, but he leads a party of millions of anti-vaccine activists. Many Republican leaders refuse to encourage people to get vaccinated.

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There are important exceptions. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell calls for vaccination. Last week, the influential Fox News presenter Sean Hannity did the same. Something could change as the infection spreads rapidly among unvaccinated Republican voters.

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Ask for false information on Facebook: – They kill people

In Alabama, only about 34 percent of adults are vaccinated, less than in any other state. Here, the infection rate is four times higher than it was two weeks ago. Republican Gov. Kay Ivey urges residents to get vaccinated.

-It’s time to take responsibility for those who are not vaccinated, not most people. He said last Thursday that it is those who do not get vaccinated who make us fail.

Joe Biden says the infection continues because he has not been vaccinated. But now Biden has a political responsibility. He set ambitious goals to fight the epidemic effectively. Therefore, he tries in various ways to put pressure on those who have not yet received a dose.

Since vaccinated people can also carry the infection, everyone will have to find bandages again in many cities. This delays Biden’s plans to get rid of the virus. In a country where even the use of bandages has become a political symbol, the new corona restrictions reinforce political contradictions.