October 23, 2021

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Pilot a few minutes before the accident: – This is not good

AP says two pilots were warned of a mechanical problem before crashing outside Hawaii on Friday.

– A pilot said we lost an engine and came straight to the airport.

– We need a fire service. There is a chance to lose the other machine as well, it is too hot. We have very low speeds, the pilot continued.

The pilots asked if there was an airport near Honolulu.

After a long silence, the control room asked if the pilots were still there. Then there is no answer.

Accident in the Pacific Ocean

– It doesn’t look pretty there, said one of the pilots before the plane hit the sea surface.

Both pilots were seriously injured in the crash. An hour later, rescue crews found both men in the water and they clung to the rubble and cargo.

“One stuck to the tail of the plane and the other to some of the packages,” Coast Guard chief Karin Evelyn told the office.

The incident took another dramatic turn when a rescue helicopter arrived at the scene of the accident.

The plane began to sink, so the person on the tail ended up in the water.

To the hospital

Fortunately, the rescue operation was successful. Both pilots were rescued from the water and taken to hospital, AP said.

A spokeswoman for the Queens Medical Center said a 58-year-old man had been seriously injured.

The other pilot, a 50-year-old man, was seriously injured, the television station said.

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