October 23, 2021

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Peter could not remember their first marriage

Peter Marshall, 56, of Connecticut, USA, has been proven Alzheimer’s disease. One form of dementia usually affects people 60 years of age and older, but some people develop the disease earlier in life.

Peter is married to his wife Lisa (54) and says he was heartbroken to receive the news that her husband was suffering from dementia.

– Terrible

– It’s scary, but I did everything I could to be positive and focused on taking one day at a time. My magic is never to regret it, says Lisa Washington Post.

In January, Peter’s condition began to deteriorate rapidly. Lisa tried to make it better, and one day while the couple was watching a wedding scene on TV, Peter asked if they wanted to marry him.

Lisa answered yes, hoping that the next day Peter would remember the plan.

He did not. He does not even remember their first marriage.

– Lisa says that for the past six months, she has only seen me as her most favorite nurse.

Dear wedding

Lisa knew that Peter would not soon remember her. She decided to take him on his word and started arranging their second wedding.

He spoke with his daughter Sarah Bryhant Wedding planning tool. Daughter and son-in-law Dan Brehond said they could arrange an entire wedding for them. They contacted several small businesses to help arrange the wedding over a six-week period.

Everyone volunteered to help for free.

T-shirt: A guest at the wedding captured the frightening moment when the elephant exploded. Video: Cameron.
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– It’s magical

On April 26, Peter and Lisa’s second marriage took place.

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When Lisa went to the altar in her wedding dress, the song “Unforgettable” was played.

The couple was married by a couple specialist who helped Lisa set up a treatment plan for Peter. The two ended up saying yes and kissing each other.

– It was a magic, like a fairy tale, look at Lisa in a wedding video, it works Web light.