January 22, 2022

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Parents dominate court in Florida – schools may impose sanitary napkins

A court in Lyon County has backed a group of parents who have filed a lawsuit against the governor’s decision. Desantis believed that only parents could decide whether children should wear a bandage at school.

Judge John C. said Disantis’ order was not legally valid. Cooper ruled.

The case came up for hearing for three days. At least ten local school boards, in defiance of the governor’s order, decided to impose bandages on students who were not given the opportunity to say no to parents.

In the verdict, Cooper is considering a new law in Florida where parents are given more power over child-related health matters. He emphasizes that there are exceptions to the rules that are necessary and reasonable and limited in scope to protect public health. The decision of the school board seeking the bandages is subject to exception, the judge believes.

He also cites previous decisions of the state Supreme Court. Adults have the right to drink alcohol, but not to drive under the influence of alcohol. There is freedom of speech, but no right to harass or intimidate others, Cooper points out.

Major epidemics are spreading in the northeastern part of Florida, and hospitals are now overflowing with coronary heart disease. A total of about 3.2 million infections have been recorded, and more than 43,600 deaths in the state could be linked to Govt-19.

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