December 4, 2021

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Owner, Director and Operations Manager Arrested After Cable Car Accident – NRK Urix – Overseas News and Documentaries

The decision to arrest all three comes after a series of investigations in recent days. It writes the Italian newspaper Republic.

They will now be charged with murder and careless causing a catastrophe.

Investigators believe that the owner, general manager and operations manager of cable car operator Ferrovi Motoron were aware that the emergency braking system was not working properly.

Olympia Posey, the head of the investigation and the public prosecutor, confirmed to the Italian media that the car’s emergency brake was not working.

In recent weeks the brakes have been hitting incessantly, causing spontaneous idle time.

– A maintenance team was called in early May due to a malfunction. They were unable to completely correct the error, and only partially, local police officer Alberto Ciccognani told the Italian radio station AFP.

– To avoid idle time, a fork-like clamp is inserted to deactivate the brake. This means that the emergency brake does not work, says Chicognani.

At a news conference Wednesday afternoon, investigator Olympia Posey said the “fork trick” had been used several times. Not just last Sunday.

According to police, all three men arrested now have admitted the situation.

Rescue team of the wrecked cable car that fell from the Stressa-Motoron line in Piedmont on Sunday 23rd May 2021.

Rescue crew on broken cable car.

Photo: A.P.

The cable near the terminal smoked

The cable car takes people from the small town of Lake Magiore to Stressa and to the Piedmont region of northwestern Italy, about 1400 meters above sea level.

The Stressa-Albino-Motoron course is a popular tourist destination. From the summit there is a magnificent view of the Italian Alps and two famous lakes Magior and Orta.

The crash happened around 13 a.m. Sunday. There were 15 people in the cable car.

Italian fire and rescue workers are trying to find the cable car that crashed to the ground on May 23, 2021.

Italian fire and rescue workers search a wrecked cable car.

Photo: A.P.

According to the investigation administration, it smoked a key cable near the terminus.

The cable car, which was about 300 meters from the top, went backwards at full speed before hitting a mast, derailed and crashed into the abyss. The wagon should roll slightly up the hill before being stopped by trees.

If the emergency brake had worked, it would have prevented the car from slipping backwards.

– In the hope that the cable would never break, they (the arrested author’s note) took the risk of determining a dangerous outcome, said Investigator Bose at today’s press conference.

He describes the case as very serious and confusing.

It is not yet clear why the main solitaire smoked.

The rescue mission is difficult

The area where the wagon fell was very rough, steep and covered with forest.

Aerial photo showing a cable car falling from the Stresa-Motoron road in Piedmont, Italy on Sunday 23 May 2021.

Aerial photo showing cable car after accident.

Photo: Manual / AFP

Pictures from the crash site showed the broken cable car lying on a slope surrounded by pine trees.

Hard terrain was much demanded by the rescue operations.

In alpine areas like Motoron, the roads are less or less. So it is difficult to get around on narrow paths. In very dense jungles, there are also some places where rescue helicopters can land.

The cable car route, built in 1970, underwent significant improvements between 2014 and 2016. It is said to have been subject to technical scrutiny late last year.

It has been closed for a long time due to restrictions imposed during corona infections, but reopened to operations on April 24 this year, Italian newspapers write.

Entrance building of the Stresa-Motoron road in Stresa.

Entrance building to the Stressa-Motoron road in the city of Stressa.

Photo: Antonio Callani / A.P.

Only one boy survived

There were 15 people when the cable car collided with the ground.

Two children were found alive at the scene of the accident and were immediately taken to a hospital in Turin. A nine-year-old Italian child died within hours of his arrival, while a five-year-old Israeli boy is being treated for life-threatening injuries.

One in 14 of the dead has been an Israeli family for three generations.

Doctors believe the five-year-old boy is a survivor, having lost parents, grandparents and a two-year-old sibling. He is now the only person who survived the crash.

– No one can imagine that a Sunday trip suddenly turned into a dream, which ended so tragically that the head of the investigation, Olympia Posey, told the AFP news agency.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi soon expressed his condolences to the Italian government for the families of the victims. Pope Francis did just that.

A stage in the famous Giro di Italia cycling race has now been decided to be rebuilt so that cyclists can avoid Mount Motoron.

Sunday’s crash was the first major cable car crash in Italy since 1998, when a U.S. warplane flew in a cable car at a ski resort. 20 people died.

Path to crash into a cable car outside of Stressa in Piedmont.

Police quickly blocked the road leading to the scene of the cable car crash.

Photo: Fioro Cruciatti / AP

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