October 23, 2021

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Organization – Prosecuted after tax hearing

New York (DocLadet): This is reported by many American media outlets – among others New York Times And CNN Norwegian time from night to Thursday.

The indictment comes as part of a years-long tax investigation by Attorney General Sy Vance in Manhattan. According to the plan, the fees will be released on Thursday, but they are related to tax inquiries and concessions, among other things, the company is said to have provided to Weiselberg.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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Further inquiries

Trump is under multiple inquiries, and the trial in New York is the first case in which his company has been indicted, CNN reports.

It The Wall Street Journal The first to mention the alleged charge.

According to CNN, Weiselberg is expected to file a complaint with the government on Thursday.

The U.S. media reports that Weiselberg, the public prosecutor in New York, was under intense pressure to testify against Donald Trump at the trial. The new charge increases this pressure.

Weiselberg has worked for Trump for almost 50 years and is considered very loyal.

– Allen is a soldier. “He’s good at doing what Donald wants to do,” John Burke, a former Trump aide who worked with Weiselberg in the 1990s, told the New York Times.

Long trial

The allegation comes after more than two years of investigation, which began with an investigation into money laundering by former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen. It was extended to include whether the company or employees had paid taxes on benefits such as free apartments, cars and school fees.

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Weiselberg’s investigation is said to have begun last year when the attorney general obtained the documents with the help of his ex-daughter-in-law Jennifer Weiselberg. He provided boxes of financial documents and met with investigators several times, his lawyer Duncan Levine told CNN.

– Political motivation

He said Wednesday he was pleased with the upcoming indictment against his mother-in-law and the Trump organization.

In hard skies: Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani is being investigated. Federal agents searched his home and office Wednesday, April 28.
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Trump has repeatedly described the political witch hunt of the far left.

– Having politically motivated actors is really dangerous for this country because those who are elected want to “pick up Donald Trump”. Would anyone take their company to New York or stay in New York if they knew that these far-left Democrats were targeting political opponents the companies they considered? Trump said in a statement earlier this week that this would be disastrous for New York.