October 23, 2021

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Olympic composer quits after comments about bullying – VG

Discounts: Tokyo 2020 confirms they have accepted Oyamata’s resignation. Here he is filmed in 2006. Photo: Kyoto News

Musician Keiko Oyamata has retired as the composer for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Tokyo Olympics. The decision comes after reports from the 90s began circulating online.

Monday confirmed Tokyo 2020 That they had accepted Oyamada’s request.

– The Organizing Committee believes that Oyamata’s actions in Tokyo 2020 are completely unacceptable, They wrote.

– In light of his sincere apology, we expressed our readiness to allow Oyammatha to continue her production work in the short time leading up to the opening ceremony. But we now realize that this decision was wrong and we have accepted his resignation.

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Japan’s fight against infection: – Last chance to finish the Olympics

According to CNN Keiko Oyamata, nicknamed Cornelius, faced great opposition on social media after his statements were published online in the Japanese newspaper Rockin’s Japan in the 90s.

There he must have said He bullied schoolmates with disabilities.

On Friday, he went out and apologized for the statements:

– I apologize from the bottom of my heart that my statements and actions have hurt my classmates and their relatives. He wrote on his website.

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The Danish Olympic champion received undue attention: – Very, very irrelevant

– At school, you have to create good memories, I was not a good friend, have to take responsibility, he continued.

At the same time, he pointed out that there were some errors in the article that first mentioned bullying and that he did not get an answer before it was printed.

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He wrote on Twitter on Monday He volunteered to retire, Then on the same day the Olympic organizer confirmed that they had accepted the offer.

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Coupled at the Olympics: He controls, she does that job

They say Oyamada’s music will not be used during the ceremony.

On Monday, Oyamada again apologized:

– Thanks for the feedback, I take it seriously. I hope to reflect them in my mind and actions.

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Many scandals

The departure of a composer a few days before the opening ceremony is only the last part of a series of challenges for the organizer.

Except Postponement due to infection And more recently And Govt-19-positive participants, The artistic director of the festivals resigned in March after making derogatory remarks about a female entertainer.

Then in February Olympic champion Yoshiro Mori resigned Sexual ideas came to light.