October 23, 2021

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Olivia and Anna Kimeno are missing in Tenerife

Since the end of April, sisters Olivia (6) and Anna Kimeno Zimmerman (1) have been missing. Their father, Thomas Kimeno, disappeared the same day.

On Thursday, June 10, Spanish research teams made a terrifying discovery off the coast of Tenerife, the largest in the Canary Islands. Police Olivia’s body was found at a depth of 1000 meters, A short distance from the holiday island. Her body was found empty in one bag, next to another, in the sea.

Now the children’s mother Beatrice Zimmerman opens up about the tragic incident.

Mora with a touching message

Zimmerman shared Sunday A touching post on Instagram, 6 days after the 6-year-old boy was found at the sea floor.

– Children are our responsibility. As a mother, it hurts me that I could not save their lives. I was with them, hand in hand, I wish we had died together, she begins.

He also writes:

– Anna and Olivia are loving. Every day I told them I loved them. “I have a problem,” I would tell Olivia. Then she replied with a smile: “Yes, Mom, I know you love me so much.”

Mora believes the death of the daughters may have been a wake-up call for other parents.

– Although we now feel hatred, hopelessness and anguish, I believe that the death of Anna and Olivia is not in vain, but rather leads to an increase in the love and protection of the children. I hope this event will make other parents see their children differently and appreciate everyday moments more.

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FOUND: Olivia Kimeno Zimmerman was found at sea on Thursday.  Police are still searching for a 1-year-old child.  Photo: Screenshot / Video
Detected: Olivia Kimeno Zimmerman was found at sea on Thursday. Police are still searching for a 1-year-old child. Photo: Screenshot / Video
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Father: – You will never see them

The two sisters were last seen on April 27 when they met their father, who was unrelated to the baby’s mother. Parents must have an informal agreement regarding the care of the children. But when the girls did not come home as agreed, the mother was worried.

In a conversation that night, Kimeno reportedly told Zimmerman that he would never see his daughters again. According to the Spanish edition of the BBC.

– Thomas I wanted to look for them in distress. My mom writes on Instagram that that was the reason she left me alive.

Hunting the father of children

The same evening the girls visited Kimeno, he was spotted at a port in Tenerife, where he is said to have had both a boat and Perth.

Surveillance material shows him walking back and forth between the car and the boat with several items, including two bags, before heading out to sea. The next day, the Spanish main newspaper writes that the boat in question was found skating at sea Country.

Police suspect the sisters were abducted by their own father and have been actively hunting down the father since the day he went missing. They are still looking for a kimono and a 1 year old baby.