December 4, 2021

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Norwegians may be next – NRK Urix – Foreign News and Documentaries

– Shire Ali, Scandinavia’s representative for autonomous authorities in northeastern Syria, tells NRK that when it’s appropriate, we will contact Norway when we are ready with cases surrounding Norwegian women.

– When do you want to get in touch?

– I hope soon, Ali answers.

Norway brought home five orphans in 2019 and a woman and her two children in 2020. Four Norwegian citizens and four Norwegian children are still being held in the Roj and Al Hole camps in northeastern Syria. All women Terrorist target of PST.

The IS women group stands in line at the market in Al Hole

The women we met at the market in Al-Hole are the so-called “link”, the area where foreign women and their children live. No one knows how long they will be here.

When the NRK visited the camps recently, local officials warned of increasing violence and intensification, especially in the Al Hole camp. IS is tightening its grip there, with Kurdish SDF forces that were at the forefront of the war against the terrorist group three years ago no longer entering the camp.

– We have been warning against this for a long time. Now it has happened. IS tightens its grip more and more and controls most of the camp. Every day they kill people. Abdulkareem Omar, the foreign policy spokesman for the Kurdish authorities in northeastern Syria, said the group was punishing and executing those who did not follow their ideology.

– A continuous process

Country yesterday Three IS women and their children On Swedish soil. According to SVT, this is it First in many pools Swedish IS women must be repatriated. According to the channel, dozens of Swedish women detained in the area will be deported to Sweden.

Shear Ali says they are working to see which Norwegian women they want to deport.

– It is a continuous process. When we are ready with Norwegian women, if we cannot bring them before justice, we will naturally expel them for life, he says.

More than 60,000 people live in the Al Hole camp. The majority are IS widows and imprisoned IS men and their children. Of the 10,000 or more IS fighters in northeastern Syria, most are Iraqis and Syrians. About 2000 people are from other countries.

– Abdulkareem Omar says we have 3,500 foreign women and 7,500 children in two camps, Al Hole and Roj.

– It is very unfortunate that some countries bring their own citizens, especially women and children. We have thousands of them and the international community is not responsible, he says.

Al Hole Leeren.  A little girl is sitting near the fence

A small child sits behind a fence in the Al Hole camp. More than 60,000 people live here indefinitely, with a large number of children.

Photo: Citzel Volt / NRK

Norway believes IS woman will be deported

This summer, Kurdish self-government officials decided to deport foreign nationals they could not prosecute.

Gives Evidence from counter-sovereign officials was rejected NRK demands deportation of Norwegian women

But now Shear Ali says there is a process going on around Norwegian women.

John Christian Elton

Attorney John Christian Elton.

Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / Pool / NTB

Attorney John Christian Elton is the defense attorney for terrorist Aisha Shazadi Kawser. She asked the Norwegian authorities to help her return to Norway.

This summer, she was reportedly deported.

– Since we were notified before the summer, she hopes the eviction will take place soon, but Elton tells NRK that we do not have a date yet.

The customer is in the Rose camp with his son. She One of two Norwegian women Who asked the Foreign Ministry for help in returning. When NRK met her at the end of August, she said she wanted to be photographed, but did not appear in an interview.

A Norwegian woman in Rose Camp with her son.

Ayesha Shashadi Kauser on her way to the playground at Rose Camp with her son in August this year. Three Norwegian citizens live here with their children.

Photo: Citzel Volt / NRK

People that no one likes

Camp much smaller and clearer than Rose Al Hole. It is divided into two, where one part is for the most serious individuals.

These are people no one likes. They do not want to return their IS people to Syria or the Iraqi community.

A woman in Rose thought the NRK team came from an aid organization and asked us for help. His ten-year-old son was seriously wounded in Pacos during the war against IS.

– A stone caught his eye. Now he needs an operation to keep his sight, the woman said.

The IS woman is shopping at the market in Al Hole

While talking to women in the NRK market, many complained about the poor health services at the Al Hole camp.

Photo: Coonoor Prattmer / NRK

Even though it was over 40 degrees, she was wearing black gloves. The green eyes are wide and visible behind the niqab. According to the woman, only hospitals in Damascus can perform the eye surgery her son needs. She was not allowed to travel there. The woman was from Iraq, but said she was not welcome in her home country.

“We don’t get the medical help we need here,” he said, holding one of his seven children in his arms and bursting into tears.

Many of the NRKs who spoke at the camps were frustrated that they did not have a horizon, and asked if we knew when they would be allowed to return to the countries they once visited.

Depending on the collaboration

Since the Kurdish authorities in northeastern Syria are not a recognized state, they will have problems in expelling Norwegian IS women without Norwegian cooperation.

– What if the Norwegian authorities do not want to cooperate?

– It’s too complicated. Shear Ali says Norway accepts these terrorists as a security risk and danger, or that they are helping to take care of them here.

Rose camp in north-eastern Syria

Rose Camp is much smaller than Al Hole. According to UNICEF, 2,500 people live here, half of them children.

Photo: Citzel Volt / NRK

The Foreign Ministry will not respond to what Norway will do if Norwegian citizens are deported by autonomous authorities in northeastern Syria. The Foreign Ministry writes in an email to the NRK that they “follow the situation of Norwegian foreign fighters and their children, and are concerned about children in camps in Syria”.

“These children are living in difficult conditions and are being put in a bad situation by their parents,” Secretary of State Audon Holvorson insists.

He further writes «All Norwegian citizens have the right to enter Norway. Norway has no obligation under international law to deport foreign fighters or their children.

– Human disaster

UNICEF insists UN member states to protect children of IS militants from brutal upbringing. The United States fears a new generation of IS sympathizers.

– You need to bring them home and maybe punish them. They need to be rehabilitated and re-integrated. Today’s situation can not continue for now, US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen said recently.

Abdul Kareem Omar

Abdul Kareem Omar calls for the repatriation of civilians in camps in northeastern Syria.

Photo: Coonoor Prime Minister / NRK

Abdulkarim Omar, a spokesman for the Kurdish authorities in northeastern Syria, is urging the Norwegian government and other European countries to hold their citizens accountable.

– The solution is ready. To avoid the new and brutal generation of IS, the respective countries must bring the children home, intensify them and rehabilitate them. He says the environment will be broken only in this way.

If nothing happens, we will see a human catastrophe, Omar warns.

– Then Al Hole will be a threat to the entire international community. Then we will all pay the price.