December 4, 2021

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Norwegian Politics, Comments | Shabana extends:

Shabana Rehman retreats: – Someone wanted to hurt me, personally.

Shabana Rehman became a national celebrity in 2004 when she overthrew Mulla Gregor. Since then, she has played a key role in the emancipation of women in immigrant communities.

– Shabana Rehman on Netavision Podcast Storm & Eagland says the immigrant community is not ripe for complete equality and liberation.

It threw something new around the public debate last fall, and he and the foundation he led – “Born Free” – received harsh criticism for financial irregularities, which led to the withdrawal of millions in support of the state and bankruptcy.

– Witches can burn in many ways, he says in Storm & Eagland.


Recently, however, the housing manager released her for most of the criticism, while at the same time she directed harsh shots towards the authorities and a report written by the international consulting firm EY.

At Storm & Eagland, she reaches out to those who want to hurt her. He talks about why the climate of freedom of expression in Norway has deteriorated in so many ways in recent years, and how the “halal hippies” on the left own the immigrant debate, as well as the historical background and significance. Cartoon Promise, about the threats that young people came from their own environment and many more when he debuted on stage.

Hell Thorning-Schmidt and Johann H. Anderson

You can listen to many chapters here Storm & Eagland Ann August Or Spotify Or Apple Podcasts.

Guests include former Danish Prime Minister Hell Thorning-Schmidt, Prime Minister Erna Solberg, Labor leader Jonas Kahr Ster, NRK. Investors include Jens Woldweed-Mo, John Better Cisner, Christian Adolfsen, Johann H. People like Anderson and Rainier Indal mention the names of a few.

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