October 23, 2021

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– No time to leave home – VG

REST: In Wolverhampton, Netherlands, a dyke led people to the water.

In the Wolverhampton Netherlands, near the border with Belgium, a dyke has led to high water levels. Now residents are evacuating the area.


In Wolverhampton, Netherlands, near the border with Belgium, a sidewalk of the Juliana Canal led to water – reports say, and a hole was found in a meter. Standard Just before 2.30pm.

Writes in 1640 Standard The hole is closed again. Thus, the serious risk is over.

Security officers in South Limburg Websites There is a large hole in the Juliana Canal. Residents of Pandey, Wolverhampton, Bromlen and Joel have to leave the area.

– Leave your home immediately and seek protection. This area will be under water in a very short time, and write.

According to a spokesman for the Defense Authority quoted by T Standard, the hole in the abyss will immediately become larger than it currently is.

However, the newspaper writes that it is uncertain whether people can leave anymore because it is no longer possible in these areas.

They still write that people should come to a higher level.

– Close windows and doors. No time to leave the house. Security officials say residents have to go to higher ground Telegraph.

The newspaper writes that people run in their cars after hearing the sirens, while others try to save animals, including horses.

The stream of cars now flows towards higher ground, and the road through the Juliana Canal is closed.

Police heard motorists hesitant to continue speeding on narrow roads. At the same time, military vehicles and rescue services were on the move Inn Area. People on the site report somewhat confusing situations.

The National Rescue Force is stationed in Mirson, near the city of Limburg.

– The water there revives them, the spokesman said Telegraph.

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