January 17, 2022

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New Zealand, Corona – Insulted

On Wednesday, there were 63 newly registered corona infections in New Zealand. Maximum from peak of infection in March / April 2020. There are now 210 cases of infection in the country. 12 people have been hospitalized with the virus.

New Zealand has a strategy to remove the virus from the community.

Made fun of

This is a strategy that has been criticized and ridiculed in other parts of the world.

English newspaper Times “New Zealanders live in a cowardly prison, while others are free,” he wrote in a statement.

Many have questioned whether the country should change its strategy with a new wave of infections.

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– Very soon

– For New Zealanders wondering if sitting at home is the right strategy: Chris Hipkins, the country’s Corona boss, says throwing the towel is too soon Defender.

– We have come so far, it would be completely wasted. We still want to get rid of this virus and bring society back to normal.

New Zealand has closed as many countries have opened up despite an increase in infection in the community.

– We want to get to the point where closing is not the answer if there is an explosion in society, but we are not there yet, we will not give up until we get there, Hipkins explains.

Get vaccinated

New Zealand, with a population of less than five million, has reached at least 80,000 people who have received at least one vaccine, the coronation chief said. A much smaller number than most European countries.

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– When we vaccinate the population, the safest alternative is to try to remove the virus from the population. Prime Minister Jacinta Artern said on Monday that there was no discussion or disagreement on this Defender.

On Friday, the government will issue an update on whether the closure will continue or whether some cities will be deregulated.

Among the people, on the other hand, there is great support for the government.

A survey from Spin off It was released on Wednesday, showing that seven out of 10 support the elimination strategy. Another poll shows that 84 percent supported the decision to close the country when it erupted last week.