December 4, 2021

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New research: – We are not older than this

Using an iPhone application and plenty of medical data from volunteers in the UK and US, researchers believe they have confirmed the highest age people can expect to live.

The researchers wrote in one Study Published Tuesday in the journal Nature Communications.

According to the study, the researchers believe that it is not possible for a human being to reach the age of more than 150 years.

Two main factors

According to the study, human life expectancy is primarily based on two main factors.

Biological age (which is related to stress, lifestyle and chronic illness and regression (how quickly a person returns to normal after responding to stress), writes New York Post.

Researchers have found that the human body loses its ability to resist between the ages of 120 and 150.

That is, the Danish newspaper writes that it has the ability to recover to some extent and to withstand a wide variety of diseases and external influences. B.D.

– A turning point

– As we age, we need more time to recover from an influence. At the same time, we as human beings spend less and less time on being physically fit, says research leader Timothy V. Birkov said News release, In connection with the publication of the study.

Andrei Gudkov, a professor at the Roswell Park Extensive Cancer Center who collaborated on the study, further commented that the discovery was an “ideological breakthrough”, the New York Post writes.

– It determines and separates the roles of fundamental factors in human life. Even the prevention and treatment of age-related diseases can only improve the average life expectancy, but not the maximum, which explains why true anti-aging therapies have not been developed, Gutkov said.

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Artificial intelligence

The subjects all installed an app on their iPhone and then they continuously sent the data to the research team.

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With the help of artificial intelligence, the Danish B.D.