January 17, 2022

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New members coming to MDG:

On Monday, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released the first part of its new climate report.

Even with massive and very rapid emission cuts, global warming will reach 1.6 degrees by 2050.

The effects can be dramatic. IPCC forecasts warmer waves, more rain, more powerful hurricanes and more droughts.

– It is scary to see such a statement. It comes next to all the natural disasters we have seen this summer. Fire in Greece and flooding in Germany and the Netherlands. Says Julian Karenga (26).

After reading the report, he decided to join the Green Party (MDG). It is clear that Karenga is not alone in feeling the intensity.

– Now every minute a new member is registering, says Nils Mark, press officer at MDG on Monday night.

– We’re a little privileged

Karenga lives in Skien and works as an actress. He has voted for MDGs in the previous two parliamentary elections and he also signed on Monday in the hope that it would have a greater impact on the party.

– I do not feel that there are any other parties that take the climate crisis seriously, I have nothing more important than climate action now. “When I saw more people sign up, I thought I should do the same,” says Karenga.

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While he feels that other parties are interested in reducing tariffs or granting tax breaks, he also feels that MDGs continue to prioritize climate as their main issue.

Many are inspired when Lon Marie Berg says she likes customs, but I like that she is direct. Greta Dunberg is not talking about a compromise. We are a little privileged and blind to the climate crisis. The 26-year-old says people need to realize the seriousness of wearing a mask for a long time.

More than 150 new members

MDGs usually claim to receive four to twelve new members daily. By 9pm on Monday, the party had received 168 new records in the last 24 hours and it continued to rise.

– It is clear that the statement is an awareness call, which creates a lot of emotions. The climate crisis is no longer distant and not in the future. We are talking about the future of today’s youth, the future of our children. This makes many people sad, but also fills them with the desire to fight, says Niles Mark, a press official at the party.

He insists this year’s election should be a climate election.

– Norway’s next government is the last government with a real opportunity to change course. It is clear that only a strong MDG is willing to put the environmental issue first, Mark says.

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In all, the party now has more than 9,700 members. They reached the peak of membership just before Christmas. At the time, the party had 10,305 members.

– Party leader Une Pastolm says this is a very emotional day.

Happiness: The fact that so many people want to join us in taking up that fight is encouraging, says party leader Une Bastolm at MDG.

Happiness: The fact that so many people want to join us in taking up that fight is encouraging, says party leader Une Bastolm at MDG. Photo: Christine Grunning / TV2

Continuing as before is the climax

– The report presented this morning is frightening, and it is clear that there are more than me who are sad and fighting on behalf of our children. Une Pastolm tells TV2 that it is good to see that many people want to take with us the struggle for a livable climate and rich nature.

She describes the climate crisis as the greatest injustice of our time.

Election: MDG has the votes of Julian in this fall election.  Photo: Private

Election: MDG has the votes of Julian in this fall election. Photo: Private

UN President Today we must stop looking for oil and gas. Nevertheless, no party other than the MDGs can guarantee it. Seriousness is not MDG’s oil policy, but to continue as before, Pastholm says.

For Julian Karenga, voting for the MDG is part of a bigger dream.

– I am an idealist, dreaming of being able to create a better society for future generations. I feel the party is working hard for that. They see the reality of the situation around the world, says the 26-year-old.

Public funding

MDG says they raised a total of more than three million from public funds during this year’s election campaign. According to Mark, two of them are regular donors.

– Competing parties receive millions from large corporations and companies, so we rely entirely on these supporters. He says the goal is for us to be popularly rooted and to stand on our own two feet by being the best in public finance, which sets us apart at parties in Sorting, he says.

Key findings of the IPCC report

Some of the key findings of the new report are:

  • Global surface temperatures will rise at least until the middle of the century. Without major cuts in greenhouse gas emissions in the coming decades, both the 1.5 degree target and the 2.0 degree target will be broken.
  • Temperatures have already risen 1.07 degrees since pre-industrial times and will reach 1.5 degrees in just 20 years.
  • If emissions continue to rise in the coming decades, we could be at risk of warming up to 5.7 degrees by the end of the century.
  • Some climate change is already irreversible and will continue for thousands of years to come.

Source: NTB

Emissions should decrease

The IPCC report addressed Five different future scenarios: Two long-term emissions continue to increase, with one intermediate display and two emissions rapidly decreasing.

Under the most ambitious scenario, the IPCC expects CO2 emissions to reach net zero by 2050 and then turn negative in the last half of the century.

Even in such a situation, the best estimate of the climate group is that warming will rise to 1.6 degrees by the middle of the century. But after that, negative emissions will approach 2100 and again contribute to a 1.4 degree rise in temperature.

In the context of the largest emissions, the IPCC expects warming of 3.3 to 5.7 degrees by the end of the century – the best estimate being 4.4 degrees.

Anyway the result is that a lot can be gained by reducing emissions. Emission cuts will reduce global warming – and its effects.