January 17, 2022

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New corona records and crowded intensive care units in Thailand

The Southeast Asian nation is struggling to cope with the latest eruption, driven by a highly contagious delta variant.

Despite strict restrictions and night curfews in severely affected provinces, the health service has come under severe pressure.

On Thursday, authorities recorded 17,669 new infections and 165 deaths, the highest number ever among epidemics.

“Obviously, we do not have enough beds in hospitals,” said Somsak Akashilp, director general of the Ministry of Health.

– In large hospitals, all intensive care units are overcrowded, he told an unusually honest press conference on Thursday.

Cardboard beds

Hospitals in the capital Bangkok have the capacity to handle 1,000 new patients daily, but Somsak says they have long surpassed that number. In Bangkok alone, 4,000 new cases were registered on Thursday.

Many makeshift hospitals have already come into use, and authorities are working hard to build a large field hospital in a warehouse at one of Bangkok’s airports. The hospital can accommodate 1,800 patients in two weeks and the beds are made of cardboard.

Nearly one million people are admitted to hospitals or clinics in Thailand, some of them with mild symptoms. Authorities have begun recommending home isolation for those with mild illness, but Somsak said they are finding it difficult to provide medication.

Sent by train

In addition, the isolation and isolation centers of the capital are being filled, and Bangkok authorities are collaborating with private hospitals to free up beds.

– But I have to be honest – no matter how much capacity we increase, it will not be enough for this explosion, says Somsak.

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– We do not know if the epidemic has reached its peak yet. We need to flatten the basket, he adds.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that authorities had begun transporting people with corona disease from Bangkok by train to their hometowns for isolation and treatment.

Relatively low numbers

Of the epidemics so far, only 561,000 cases and 4,562 deaths have been reported in Thailand. With a population of about 70 million, the official junta’s infection and death rates of the military junta are much lower than in countries like Norway.

But more than 90 percent of infections and deaths have been reported during the recent Corona wave, which is known as a prosperous district in Bangkok, known for its nightlife.

Bangkok and surrounding provinces have been closed for more than two weeks now.

At the same time, vaccinated foreign tourists can travel to the island of Phuket in southern Thailand without being isolated. Here, local authorities have introduced new restrictions after a slight increase in epidemics. They mean that domestic passengers will be barred from entering Phuket from August 3 to 16, except for emergency services.

Low rate of vaccination

The government of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-Chai has been severely criticized for handling the corona epidemic. There have been reports of people dying on the streets and at home while waiting for treatment.

Only 18.5 percent of the population has received at least one dose, while 5.5 percent have been fully vaccinated. Today, the Kingdom uses corona vaccines from Sinovac, Sinoform and Astrogeneneka.

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But vaccination is slow, and many Thais are frustrated that the government is not getting MRNA vaccines from Pfizer / Biotech and Moderna.

The United States has donated 1.5 million doses of the former, and the dose will come on Friday. The UK has sent a distribution with the vaccine of AstraZeneca.