October 23, 2021

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Must have heard loud noises a few days before the crash – VG

A man and a woman hold each other while waiting for news about their loved ones. Photo: Marta Lavandier / A.P.

About a day later, 99 people are still missing. Pablo Rodriguez’s mother was one of them. The day before, his mother must have woken up loudly in her house, he says.


Family members and friends have been living in uncertainty since the block collapsed. On social media, they have posted pictures of their loved ones that have not yet been counted.

The number of missing is now up to 99.

Hundreds of relatives have returned to the reunion center set up near the crash site Miami Herald. Pictures from that place show people crying and hugging each other.

Roast: Large areas of the Miami apartment complex collapsed at midnight. It is not yet clear how many people were inside the building when it happened. Photo: Miami-Date Fire Rescue / X80001

“No hope”

– I came to the center, but I have no hope, says Pablo Rodriguez (40) in tears, reports USA Today.

Rodriguez’s mother and grandmother were both present when the building collapsed.

According to CNN The day before the block collapsed his mother must have heard loud noises.

– She said she woke up at three or four in the morning and heard a noise.

– They were tall enough to wake her up, he added.

Nicola Fernandez also stays at the center – where she waits for news about her close family friends.

– Since it happened, I have tried to call them several times to help the aid workers find them, he says.

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Aunty is missing

Relatives are all waiting now – Lus Marina Pena has been waiting for hours at the center in the hope of getting the news that everything is fine with their loved ones. According to Lucy, his 77-year-old aunt is still alive.

She is one of them 99 people are reported missing Some parts of the building collapsed while those inside were asleep.

– You can not imagine the terrible feeling of the unknown – She tells whether she is under the rubble, whether she is alive or not Miami Herald.

– We called the police station, called the hospitals and reported it to the police. We have done everything humanly possible, he says.

Three people have been confirmed dead ABC News. But police say they fear the death toll could rise significantly.

Among those missing is the family of Sylvana Lopez Morera, Paraguay’s first lady. This appears in the report of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Website.

Sister Sophia Lopez Morera and her husband Louise Betten. Their three children and maid Lady Luna Villalpa are missing.

Paraguayan Foreign Minister Euclid Acevedo a Interview Authorities say Thursday they are trying to contact the missing and “investigate all hospitals in Miami”. NBC News.

President Mario Apto Benades has reportedly canceled scheduled events due to the incident ABC News.

Also read: George lives near the collapsed building.

The number of people in the building when it collapsed is still unclear. 35 people have been rescued and now rescue teams are working hard to clear the area.

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“They’re doing everything they can to save lives,” said Florida Gov. Ron Desantis. New York Times.

Missing: The first lady of Paraguay, Silvana Lopez Morera (right) and her husband, President Mario Apto Benitez (second from right) stand here with the Vice President and his wife. Photo: George Sense / DT News Agency

According to Desantis, rescue crews have “come in contact” with people, still hoping to find survivors in the building’s rubble.

But they are “preparing for bad news,” warns the governor, who visited the Family Reunification Center on Thursday night, Norwegian time. Miami Herald.

Surface Mayor Charles W. Burkett announced on Thursday that the death toll could rise.

– It’s mind boggling, he says, that it’s not as successful as we thought it would be to find people alive.

The cause of the collapse is unknown. NBC writes that documents show that the building dates back to 1981 and has more than 130 housing units.