October 23, 2021

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– Mr. Everywhere Curcigulo went, death and degradation continued – V.G.

Series Killer: Michael Thomas Corciulo was sentenced to death in Los Angeles on Friday for two counts of murder and one count of attempted murder. According to the news agency AB, he must now respond to a murder in his original state of Illinois. Photo: Damien Doverkens / A.P.

The man who killed Ashton Kutcher’s ex-girlfriend should have killed himself.

Michael Thomas Curciulo, 45, known as “The Boy Next Door Killer”, was sentenced to death in Los Angeles on Friday, writes Andhra.

When the death sentence was handed down in the Los Angeles Supreme Court, Judge Larry B. Fitler said, “Relatives of the victim of the murder wiped away the tears in the courtroom.” Judge Larry P.

Corciolo was charged with murdering two women and attempting to murder one-third.

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Ashton Kutcher testified in the murder case: – I panicked

The murder case has attracted worldwide attention as actress Ashton Kutcher was approached for a date the night before she was killed in 2001, 22-year-old Ashley Eller.

Kutcher also testified in the case against Curciculo.

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The serial killer is the culprit who killed his girlfriend like Ashton Kutcher

– I knocked on the door. There is no answer. I knocked again, no answer again. At the time, I thought she had left in the evening and I was too late and she was annoyed about it, Kutcher explained during interrogation.

He added that he looked out the windows and saw that all the lights were on and that red wine seemed to be spilled on the carpets. The next day I was shocked to hear that Eller had been killed.

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– I panicked, said Ashton Kutcher, who never caught the attention of the police in this case.

CROWN WITNESS: Michael Murphy escaped from the serial killer and was a key witness for the prosecution during the trial against Michael Thomas Curciulo. Photo: Damien Doverkens / A.P.

The second murder of 32-year-old Maria Bruno took place in 2005, but Curciulo was arrested until 2008 after attempting to assassinate Michael Murphy in Santa Monica.

Murphy – who was a key witness for the police during the investigation – escaped from the killer after a fight in which Corcio left traces of blood so police were able to link him to the other two murders.

As for Andhra Pradesh, it is unlikely that Michael Thomas Curquillo will be hanged immediately. The most recent execution in California was carried out in 2006, and Governor Gavin Newsom had previously stated that no execution would take place until he had served as governor.