October 23, 2021

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More than 30 percent of Denmark’s residential areas are non – Western – NRK Urix – Foreign News & Documentaries

The ambition of the Danish government is to combat what is described as a parallel society.

The first laws came in 2018 This should prevent large numbers of migrants in certain residential areas.

The legal package went under the title “Denmark without a Equal Community – No Ketos in 2030”.

The actions are controversial.

The UN warned

The UN believed that Danish laws would increase racial discrimination.

Among other things, offenders in these areas were severely fined. One has to send their children to kindergarten.

Now the laws are being tightened further, he writes TV2 truck.

Carey Dipwat Peck

Kare Dipwat Peck is the Minister of Interior and Housing in Denmark.

Photo: Glass Peck / Glass Peck

This became clear after the ruling Social Democrats reached a new agreement with the other five parties this week. (Read the full contract She)

– Home and Housing Minister Carey Dipwat Peck says it is absolutely important to ensure a welfare society where you meet people who are different from you in everyday life.

Many areas are under the law

The new plan is that more than 30 percent of people in Denmark should not have residential areas with a non-Western background. The ambition is that it will be in place within ten years.

A total of 58 residential areas and more than 100,000 people in Denmark have been tightly closed. In total, there are 83 areas and a population of 163,000, which must meet strict requirements.

– The only way we can achieve this is to meet each other in everyday life in mixed districts. Beck says there are no places with the curved demographics we have today.

Many municipal houses are denied

He writes that in some parts of Denmark the rules for who gets municipal housing will be stricter Altinget.dk.

Henceforth, applicants who have been convicted or acquitted within the last six months will be denied. This also applies to individuals who have received so-called consolidation support or financial assistance from the state over the past six months. Under the new rules, citizens from countries outside the EU, EEA or Switzerland will also be denied entry.

This new law was passed by the UN. Not the only one criticized: in early June, politicians in Folketting passed Bill to transfer asylum seekers To centers in the third country. The UN has warned that the plan could undermine international cooperation.

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