October 23, 2021

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More than 1,000 Afghan soldiers are fighting the Taliban and fleeing

In Afghanistan, more than 1,000 Afghan soldiers have fought with the Taliban and fled to neighboring Tajikistan.

According to the Tajik border guard, the soldiers fled across the border to save their lives.

Violence has escalated in the country since the United States and NATO reached an agreement with the Taliban to withdraw their military forces in exchange for not allowing al-Qaeda or other militant groups to operate in areas under its control.

Although the deadline for September has been set, the vast majority of foreign troops have already been withdrawn from the country.

So US President Joe Biden justifies the withdrawal of US troops, saying that the US military has confirmed that Afghanistan cannot become a base where jihadists can again plan attacks on the West.

However, the Taliban did not agree to stop fighting the Afghan army.

The Taliban now control one-third of the country. There are fears that the Afghan army will fall.

However, a Taliban spokesman said BBC The Taliban is not responsible for the escalation of violence in the country. He insists that several Taliban-controlled districts are now being negotiated following the refusal of Afghan forces to fight.

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