January 17, 2022

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Mississippi – – spreading like a “tsunami”

In Mississippi, 3,164 new cases of infection were reported Tuesday, and the delta variant is spreading across the state like a tsunami, a Mississippi top health official says.

If we look at the curve, we see that it continues to rise without any equation or decline, says state archaeologist Thomas Tops. News agency A.P..

Ninety percent of infections are terrible delta variants, and hospitals are overburdened. On Wednesday, 178 affected patients were admitted to hospitals – while there is a shortage of intensive care units.

However, Republican Gov. Tate Reeves did not want to impose a sanitary napkin because of a lack of public motivation for new measures.

Should make itself steel

More than 350,000 people have been affected in the state since the outbreak. The Delta epidemic is on the rise in many U.S. cities and states, but U.S. Infectious Disease Control Leader Anthony Fossy does not think drastic measures are needed as there was before the outbreak.

“I don’t think we’ll see strikes,” Fuci said Sunday.

President Joe Biden has announced that the delta epidemic will have to be met with new measures, but Fuci believes the size of the vaccine will not be as contagious as this winter.

Nevertheless, he asked Americans to melt themselves into some “pain and suffering” in the coming months.

New bandage recommendation

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) returned this week and recommended fully vaccinated Americans to wear masks in some parts of the country where the infection is high.

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The CDC believes that the delta variant is as contagious as chickenpox, and that those who are fully vaccinated may be at higher risk of infection than those who are not vaccinated. However, such cases are rare.

The change in recommendation, which came after Biden predicted a “free summer” if enough Americans would be vaccinated, has raised concerns that confidence in vaccines may be even lower.

Regeneration: Espen Rostrup Naxstad, assistant director of the community, insists the re-opening of the community will result in a further vaccination program, the number of hospital admissions will not increase and the number of people affected by the population will be lower.
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Infection among those who have not been vaccinated

On Sunday, Fossie tried to alleviate this by saying that those who are fully vaccinated are less likely to become infected and will become ill or die less.

“What we see is an explosion among those who have not been vaccinated,” he said.

According to the CDC, less than 60 percent of the U.S. population over the age of 12 is fully vaccinated. However, differences within the country are large. In general, suspicion is less in the more liberal states in the north and east, while it is higher in the conservative southern states.