October 23, 2021

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Miami – NRK Urix – Foreign News & Documentary Building Damage Warning Sound

Nearly three years ago, engineer Frank Morabido warned கட்டமைப்பு Major structural damage The building collapsed in a statement.

The engineer said the construction damage had to be repaired quickly.

“Failure to replace waterproofing in the future will cause the extent of concrete deterioration to expand exponentially,” he warned.

There are several signs that the damage has not been repaired.

In a letter to residents two and a half years later, Jean Wodnicki, president of Sampline Towers, wrote that the proven construction damage had “significantly worsened.” USA Today.

Building Damage Report Miami

Damage: The parking garage under the building’s entrance “showed signs of construction fatigue” and there were several significant cracks in the concrete, the report said.

Photo: Screenshot

After the 2018 inquiries, Morabido, among others, revealed “signs of construction fatigue” in the parking garage and pool area under the entrance, with several significant cracks in the concrete.

“The visible damage to the garage has been significantly worsened,” Vodniki wrote in a letter to residents dated April 9 this year.

The costs are estimated at 130 million

“When you see a concrete crack, the restoration that holds it together rusts and deteriorates below the surface,” the board chairman warned.

In the letter, the board chairman announced that the cost of repairing the damage proven in 2018 was high.

He noted the ongoing debate among some stakeholders. They were reluctant to start a major rehabilitation project, which is estimated to cost at least $ 15.5 million, about 130 million kroner.

Rhine: Images taken from the air on Friday show massive devastation as a building collapsed in Miami. More than a hundred people were missing Friday afternoon.

– Most of this work may have been done or planned in the past years, but here we are now, he wrote in the letter, which was confirmed by a spokesman for the condominium committee.

Then ditch near the pond before the slope

It is not known if the building was damaged by the collapse. It can take months, if not years, for the various exams before the cause is determined.

Building damage before collapsing in Miami

WARNING: In a conditional statement dated October 8, 2018, engineer Frank Morabido warned of “major structural damage” to the building.

Photo: Screenshot

But six architects believe so Miami Herald A structural column or concrete slab may have collapsed beneath the pool area at the entrance – either Led to the collapse of the building.

Engineers base their estimates on generally available evidence. Including building plans, inspection reports and surveillance videos.

Estimates are reinforced by a resident who went missing after the tragedy.

Shortly before the building collapsed, Cassie Stratton called her husband. He said he saw a ditch in the pool area on the phone.

Then the conversation suddenly broke down.

Summary in seconds: Surveillance images show apartment block collapsing in seconds

Stratton was one of 150 people who went missing after the building collapsed on Thursday last week. 12 people have been confirmed dead so far and rescue operations are still ongoing.

Residents left the sister building

Investigators at the NIST, the federal agency that investigated the collapse of the building following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York, are investigating the collapse, according to Florida Gov. Ron Desantis.

Only one block from the collapsed building on the site is a sister building with the same material and similar design.

Many of the residents there have evicted themselves for fear of a new collapse.

Sursite Mayor Charles Burkett said the sister building had been inspected and there were no signs that the building was in danger of collapsing.

However, not everyone believes this.

– I’m afraid to go back, says Rebecca Weinstock, who has lived on the sixth floor with her husband for the past four years.

Mayor Burkett says a major survey will be conducted Tuesday.

He believes there is no reason to order an eviction, but says he does not know if he will stay.

– If you asked me if I would sleep in the building, I would be a little … I will not do that until we review the survey, he says.

This tragedy affects not only Florida but the entire United States. On Thursday, President Joe Biden will visit the scene of the crash and meet with the families of the victims.

Saved: A boy and one of the few rescued from the rubble. So far 12 people have been confirmed dead, while 150 are missing.

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