January 17, 2022

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Mexico City, Subway | A subway crash in Mexico City has killed at least 23 people and injured dozens more

The bridge collapsed and cars in the subway crashed.

A bridge collapsed in Mexico City, and a subway car ran over it Monday night.

Video: Surveillance camera footage released by Uno TV captures the moment of the accident:

The rescue effort is still ongoing. Many streets have been closed, and officials are urging visitors to stay away so as not to disturb the site’s work.

– Unfortunately we have received information that 23 people have died so far, writes Mayor Claudia Shinebaum on Twitter.

He writes that the accident on the 12th line will be investigated and that 94 buses have been installed to replace the metro trains.

Civil Defense of Mexico City, subject to the City Council Twenty people were confirmed dead before 9 a.m. Norwegian time and 49 were taken to hospital. Authorities also released a list of names along with an overview of those taken to the hospital after the crash. The last death toll was thus 23.

Parts of the wagon set fell down when the bridge collapsed, photos of the site show.

Claudia Sheinbaum, Mayor of Mexico City, Is on the scene and confirms that it is dead and injured.

Emergency services have been evacuated with large forces, and television footage shows ambulance workers rescuing injured passengers.

The Red Cross in Mexico says they have 17 ambulances and a USAR team on site.

USAR stands for “Urban Search and Rescue” and is used by a specially trained rescue team that can, among other things, conduct search and rescue operations in somewhat collapsed buildings and landslide areas.

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Mexico is already severely affected by the corona epidemic and has the highest mortality rate among individuals in the world at nearly 220,000 deaths.

The Red Cross says they have a USAR team on site:

Ursua Venicas, emergency manager of Mexico City, released the Twitter message from the crash site on Tuesday morning, Norwegian time:


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