October 23, 2021

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Merkel not talking about flood areas: Surrealistic and ghostly

The Chancellor visited Schultz on Sunday. No one in the village has been confirmed dead or injured so far, but everyone is equally lucky.

Schultz is located in the Ahweiler region, which has become more expensive in recent days. The death toll in the area is now 112. Many are still missing, and officials fear the number will continue to rise.

In neighboring Rhine-Westphalia, floods have killed at least 46 people since Wednesday. In Belgium, the death toll is 31, from Saturday to four. As 163 more people are still missing in the country, this will be adjusted further upwards in the next few days.

In all, more than 180 people have lost their lives in Central Europe.

Struggling to find words

The village of Schultz is now reminiscent of a war zone due to heavy rains. The visit left a clear mark on Merkel, who was almost speechless by the devastation of the flood.

– It’s shocking. I would almost say there are no words for the destruction that took place in the German language, says the federal president.

Angela Merkel visited Schultz village on Sunday.

Angela Merkel visited Schultz village on Sunday. Photo: Wolfgang Rotte / REUTERS

He assures that the authorities will do all they can to rebuild the affected areas and provide support to the victims.

– It gives a picture of what I have to say is a surreal and ghostly situation, Merkel continues.

The government says it is accepting an emergency crisis package of more than 300 million euros, which will go to immediate relief in the affected areas. In addition, a major project is planned for the long-term reconstruction. The multi-billion euro price tag is here.

Chancellor Angela Merkel joined hands with Rhineland-Palatinate Governor Malu Trayer to walk through the flood-ravaged village.

Chancellor Angela Merkel joined hands with Rhineland-Palatinate Governor Malu Trayer to walk through the flood-ravaged village. Photo: Christoph Stach / REUTERS

Floods, to a greater extent than ever before, have become a theme in the German election campaign for climate change and global warming.

Had to apologize

The Germans go to the polls on September 26, marking the end of Merkel’s 16 years in power.

Experts agree that climate change is becoming more common in extreme weather. Prime Ministerial candidates waiting behind the scenes in Germany have spoken out to intensify the fight against climate change and accelerate production.

Among them was Merkel’s party colleague, Armin Lacet, who has so far excelled in elections. Lacette is currently head of government in northern Rhine-Westphalia.

But Lacette has attracted negative attention after an incident on Saturday, when he smiled as he arrived at Erfstadt, where the flood triggered a landslide.

– Lacet laughs when the country cries, writes the Built newspaper. The CDU politician then had to walk out of the incident and apologize.

Moving east

Switzerland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands also received heavy rainfall.

As water levels fall in the Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia states, there are new concerns about the situation in other parts of the country that have not yet been severely affected by the floods.

This applies, among other things, to parts of Bavaria, where heavy rains caused flooding in cellars and rivers overflowed their banks.

Austria is now one of the countries that enjoy the most water.

Austria is now one of the countries that enjoy the most water. Photo: Daniel Shringer / AFP

The cities of Berchteskaden and Bischoffsweiss, located southeast of Bavaria near the Austrian border, have been particularly hard hit. Water comes from the mountains and the flooded Aceh River.

One person has been reported dead on the Berchdeskadner land, officials in the area say.

In Austria, too, heavy rains are leading to flooding, and emergency services are working hard in the Salzburg and Tyrol areas.

– Prime Minister Sebastian Kurz writes on Twitter that heavy rains and storms are unfortunately leading to serious injuries in many parts of Austria.

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