October 23, 2021

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Many seriously ill people are now young – Taksavisan

Amid the tragedy in India, where the capacity of hospitals has exploded and many have not been treated, experts report a confusing development: the age of the seriously ill.

– There were more elderly people in October and November, and now there are mostly those under 30, says Dr. Sumit Ray, head of the intensive care unit at Holy Family Hospital. Quartz India.

Among these younger patients, he says, are many with diabetes, obesity, or low metabolism. Others report younger people who are completely healthy and have severe goiter.

65 percent under 45 years of age

Many doctors in Delhi hospitals say they see younger patients now than they did last year. He writes that other experts in many parts of the country also seem to have changed this pattern The Times of India.

According to Dr. Maharshi Desai, an expert in intensive care and a member of the country’s expert panel on Govt-19, the working age population, 25 to 60, now makes up a larger part of the patient group than before the epidemic.

It is not known if one sees this trend, because there are many infected people, which leads to more young people becoming very ill, or if someone from the Indian variant becomes ill, it is now believed to be the cause of a large proportion of cases. It may be a combination.

– This is of course a change in the profile of the virus, and when the restrictions were lifted, this group often went out and became infected. Desai also says that vaccinating the elderly gives them greater protection The Times of India.

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At the same time, there are very few people who have been vaccinated, even in the elderly, and it is not known if this has any major effect explaining the difference.

In Delhi, this trend has been confirmed by the authorities.

– Approximately 65% ​​of Govt patients are under 45 years of age, sa Delhis sjefminister Arvind Kejriwal At a press conference in mid-April.

– I would like to ask all young people to go out only if necessary, he said.

Although the number of victims and deaths in India has risen in recent weeks, many have pointed out that this is only the tip of the iceberg. In the absence of registration, there may be large dark numbers on the dead. There may be many infections that have not been tested or registered.

Also found in Brazil

Similar growth is seen in Brazil, which has been hit the hardest. Brazil has its own variant of the corona virus, which has become widespread.

It was shown in a recent study by the Brazilian Association for Intensive Care Medicine Most of the intensive care patients in Brazil Now under 40 years old. The cause is unknown, but one theory is the Brazilian virus variant An important reason.

Ann Study I Brazil The city of Manaus, which was hit hardest in April and May 2020, compared the death toll to waves in January 2021. This shows that the mortality rate in the second wave was 2.7 times higher than in the first wave among people aged 20 to 39 years. , But 1.15 times more in the general population.

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“If congestion in the health system were to cause an increase in the death rate, it would be logical to expect this increase to be the same for different ages,” Andre Ricardo, an epidemiologist and one of the authors of the study, told British Medicine magazine.