October 23, 2021

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– Many have probably felt lonely – VG

Key Lecture Chair: AUF President Astrid Home filmed in Utah three weeks ago. Photo: Ann

Unreserved “Sorry, AUF” from young left leader AUF leader Astrid Homa heats up. He says AUF members and victims by July 22 felt very lonely.


– This is a very nice and strong post written by Sondre on Ange Weinstein, while at the same time it is commendable that he apologizes to AUF President Astrid Home VG.

He cites the article by Sondre Hansmark, vice president of Ang Wenstre The Wordland newspaper on Monday. Hansmark apologizes to AUF for standing alone “We should have fought them in a war.”.

AUF HONOR: AUF President Astrid Home and his name Line Home wore the same summer dress in Utah the day before July 22, 2011. Both survived the assassination. Photo: Private

UV Home appreciates the words of the leader.

– Many AUF members may have felt very alone in the debate over the last ten years since July 22, 2011. That’s why it’s so nice to see him notice this from a co-worker – he takes it inward, he tells VG.

Home, who attended the Youth Party’s summer camp in 2011, believes the massacre against the AUF should not be seen in a vacuum.

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In the aftermath of the July 22 terrorist attacks: the AUF believes it is politically isolated

He cites both the Manshas murder and the Benjamin Hermanson case as examples of the need to continue to discuss and deal with racism, violence, hate crime and right-wing extremism.

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Touch worry

– It’s hard to realize, but Home says Breivik and Manshas were both among us in the community.

– Are you talking about different types of touch anxiety to discuss Utia?

– Yes, I understand that. I felt it myself – in a kind of fear that it would only be defined by July 22nd. We are afraid to form an A- and B-group in the AUF based on who was there – no.

– For a long time we talked less about this internally with ourselves. But now I think we have found a language to speak. In short, not talking about it means bad – rather than being a little misunderstood, Home explains.

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Utiya boss about unfinished memory: – Completely hopeless

At the heart of the article, which came from a political opponent, he says he was simply hot, but his colleague at Ang Wenstray.

– Yes, many people appreciate it. Another contribution that most people make to the conversation about Utah. This is the first step, but Home says the most important thing is the way forward and being part of the immigration in the coming season, starting the summer AUF camp on the island on August 3rd after the signs on July 22nd.

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Crown Princess Mete-Marit about being provoked by AUF members: – Shame

– No line: Ange Hair does not stand in line in the exchange of words about what happened in Utah – Looking back, Ang Hier leader Ola Svenneby agrees. Photo: Young Conservatives

Ola Svenneby, leader of the Young Conservatives, agrees with Sondre Hansmark on everything in her article.

– The AUF stands alone in the debate over the assassination of Utah and the atrocities that took place there, Svenneby agrees.

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Op-Henriksen: Erna Solberg failed in the wait

– Do you also experience a kind of joint touch tension?

– Yes, I and many others with me may have enjoyed it. This is another feeling felt by many; Why should I discuss this, I am not there, I can not say anything about this, Ola Svenneby explains.

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Strong July 22 Depiction! Book Review: Tonje Brenna: 22. July – and all days

He says he has largely taken into account that the discussion about the atrocities in Utah was not about readiness and police efficiency.

– But it is a discussion and experience, full of scars, wounds, death and grief. The young Conservative leader says not many people understand how serious it is to be accused of drawing the “Utah card” by those who enjoyed Utah.

– Apologize to AUF?

– Says a little weird. But it should not be overlooked that we, the other youth parties, did not do our job and then we did not line up in the debate. Now we need to talk about it, “said Ange Haier, chief executive of the agency.