October 23, 2021

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Majority for no-confidence motion against Swedish government – VG

On Monday, Rickstock will vote in a no-confidence motion against the government of Stephen Lofven. The four parties get a majority for the plan, which Lofven says is irresponsible.


On Thursday afternoon, Prime Minister Stephen Lofven held a press conference on the no-confidence motion.

– The Prime Minister said it was not his responsibility to push Sweden into a political crisis in this difficult situation for the country.

The Swedish government, led by the Social Democrats, has opened new buildings with a study rather than rent at market prices, but not below regulated prices, because the Swedish model is up to now.

It is against this background that the four parties are carrying out hopeless movements against the government.

But according to Lofven, introducing market prices has never been the goal of the government.

– We will never accept market rent, there has never been a question about market rent. We have the same opinion about the Left Party in this regard, he said.

He said there was no real government proposal on market rent, but only a report on rental prices was available now.

Hart: The Left Party wants to overthrow the government of the Social Democrats and the Green Party, Stephen Lofven. The government is the center party and the Liberals are the pro-government parties. Photo: Generic Henriksen / DT / DT News Agency

The Left Party, Sweden Democrats, Christian Democrats and moderates have declared their support for the Left Party’s no-confidence motion.

– We were against the Lofven government when it came to power. We were against it and now we are against it. Eppa Bush, the leader of the Christian Democrats, says we will vote to overthrow the government.

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Resign or announce new elections

Voting ends Monday in Rickstock. Lofven will not reveal what he will do if the government joins. He has two choices, to be decided within a week – to announce new elections or to resign.

The Prime Minister believes that the four parties do not agree on this issue and that they have no common plan to move Sweden forward.

“All four are indebted to the Swedish people for the kind of government change they stand for,” Lofven said before opening the press.

Controversy over rental rates

The Left Party announced on Thursday that they did not trust Lofvan. Later, the Swedish Democrats did the same.

At the center of the controversy are rental prices in the Swedish housing market. Lofven and his government have proposed removing the rules on rental prices for new buildings.

The Left Party and the Swedish Democrats did not accept the plan. The Left Party has demanded that Lofwen abandon the project altogether or engage in negotiations with the Tenants Association, an organization interested in tenants.

Lofwen did not comply with the demands, so the Left Party put forward a resolution of no confidence, with the support of Swedish Democrats, moderates and Christian Democrats.

The latter two parties did not approve of the plan, but would still support the removal of the government.

– Party leader Nushi Thaddeus says the government has not yet met our needs after the deadline.

He announces that the proposal will be submitted by Monday for consideration before taking the Rickstock summer vacation.

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In Progress: Nushi Datkoster and the Left Party began a no-confidence motion against the government of Stephen Lofven. Photo: Henrik Montgomery / NDP

There is a majority

Sweden Democrats share the Left Party’s view on the no-confidence motion and want a change of government. According to Parliamentarian Henrik Winge, the problem with government is huge.

– I expect a majority in the house to vote to remove Lofvan, he says.

Both parties have a total of 89 delegates, depending on the support of the moderates (70), as well as the Christian Democrats (22) or the pro-government parties, the Center Party (31) or the Liberals (19).

– I think it is irresponsible of Nushi Datkostar to push Sweden into a government crisis. This shows why extremes should not be held accountable. What is going to happen, no one can say anything about today, these are the questions that need to be asked to the Left Party and Nushi Datkoster. Instead, I think they talked to Jimmy Akeson about what kind of government they want, said Annie Lof, the party’s leader in the Center, according to Uptonbladet earlier Thursday.

Both moderates and Christian Democrats have declared a vote of no confidence in the government.

At least 175 of the 349 members of the National Assembly must vote in favor of passing the no-confidence resolution.