October 23, 2021

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Mafia killer released: – Speechless

Giovanni Brusca, now 64, was the man who killed a member of a clan in the Mafia in Sicily, many years before he betrayed his old friends and became known to the police.

He is believed to have killed more than a hundred, and he is known as the human butcher (U. Scanocristiani) and the pig (in Borgo).

Last week, he was released after serving 25 years in prison. He was acquitted because of part of the law fought by a public prosecutor who killed himself.

– to be replaced

– Governor Nello Musemesi in Sicily says I go speechless when I think Brusca is a free man Defender.

– People say “that’s the law”, but if it’s obviously wrong, it should be changed, says Musemesi.

The rule that allowed Bruska to walk out of the prison gates as a free man was to silence the Mafia members and their brothers. The law states that if you cooperate with the police, you will be released from prison before the end of your sentence.

Killed: Giovanni was killed by a bomb placed under Falcon Road.  Giovanni Bruska pressed the trigger.  Photo: Nino Laprusso / AB / NTP
Copyright: Giovanni was killed by a grenade placed under the Falcon Road. Giovanni Bruska pressed the trigger. Photo: Nino Laprusso / AB / NTP
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Several hundred kilos of ammunition

The person who fought for this change in the law was named Giovanni Balcon. He served as a public prosecutor and judge and dedicated his life to the struggle against the Sicilian Mafia.

In 1992, a bomb weighing several hundred kilos killed him, his wife and three security guards on a highway outside Palermo.

On the hill above the highway, Brusca was watching. He was the one who planted the explosives in an inscription at the bottom of the road.

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Falcon argued for this legal change

– An animal

When Bruska turned the pages and began cooperating with the police, he was clear about his role in the criminal networks.

– I am an animal. I have worked for Cosa Nosta all my life, he said Republic.

“I killed more than 150 people and I can’t remember everyone’s names,” he said at the time.

An eleven-year-old boy has been killed in one of the highest-profile murders in Brusca. The boy is the son of a former mafia member who began cooperating with police.

Bruska then tried to dissolve the eleven-year-old’s body in acid.