January 17, 2022

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Joe Biden will not postpone his departure from Afghanistan – Viji

Who decides: If US President Joe Biden wants to extend his withdrawal from Afghanistan, the decision must be made quickly. The White House released this picture of the G7 meeting on Tuesday.

US President Joe Biden will withdraw Americans from Afghanistan on August 31, despite strong opposition from several allies.


At Tuesday’s G7 meeting, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she did not agree to extend the deadline.

Merkel says the expulsion cannot proceed without the support of the United States.

This can also have consequences Deportation of Norwegian authorities.

Reuters quotes an anonymous official as saying that US President Joe Biden supported the Pentagon’s recommendation not to extend its stay in Afghanistan. CNN reports that Biden will adhere to the August 31 deadline, despite protests from US allies. The reason should be concern for the safety of those who may be overdue.

The news was not officially confirmed by the White House.

Reuters, CNN and AB write that Biden at the same time asked the Pentagon to make contingency plans if it decides to stay longer. Compliance with the August 31 deadline depends on the Taliban cooperating in the evacuation.

In the wake of Tuesday’s G7 meeting, EU President Charles Michael said he was concerned about the ability of EU citizens and others to get to the airport. Michael asks the United States and other allies to “protect the airport as much as necessary” to continue the evacuation.

In a nutshell – Exodus play:

  • With just over a week to go before the US military leaves Afghanistan, tensions are running high around the withdrawal from Kabul.
  • United States, Great Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, European Union, UN
  • Both France and Germany entered the meeting with the desire that the Americans should stay longer. Norway wants the same thing, because when Americans go out, The Norwegian field hospital should also be closed.
  • The Pentagon reiterated on Tuesday that all Americans wishing to leave Afghanistan on August 31 would be expelled. But what about all the Afghans who worked for the Americans? This is not yet clear. Spain has said it will not expel all those who worked for it before that deadline.
  • Norway cannot guarantee They expel all Norwegian citizens seeking help.
  • The Taliban said on Monday it was extending the deadline Affects – August 31 is a “red line”. On Tuesday, they repeated: The Taliban will end all evictions on that day.
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