January 17, 2022

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Joe Biden: To Europe in his luggage with Trump

When Joe Biden posted On its first foreign trip on Wednesday, the White House and the presidency were another formal sign of a return to normalcy after four years of shock and despair. Biden’s European entourage is filled with old acquaintances with close ties to both Brussels and Whitehall. At the Norwegian Foreign Ministry, they are in first names with Foreign Minister Anthony Blingen. It probably feels safe and predictable.

Joe Biden himself may be the American politician with the longest foreign policy experience, and there is no doubt that he wants to normalize relations with the United States’ European partners. But that task can be as difficult as pushing toothpaste back into the tube. Hope is broken, uncertainty is sown. Who knew that Donald Trump, or a new trumpet – perhaps someone with smarter and more political experience, a Trump 2.0 – would not come to power again in four years and turn everything upside down? Does Biden really have control of his own backyard?

Complex: After a meeting with US President Joe Biden on Tuesday, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg took tough action against China. Video: Waggard Guale.
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It is recognizable Bloated rhetoric. In a post in the Washington Post last Sunday, Biden described the trip as renewing US relations with its “closest democratic partners.” Together, they will stand in support of dictatorial regimes in China and Russia, proving that democracies are the best way to ensure global crises, epidemics, climate change, economic growth, technological advancement and very strong health care for poor countries.

In short speech he could not fit the word democracy multiple times, and aimed at the audience closest to the Oval Office. Within five months of becoming president, Biden has controlled the epidemic, the economy is booming, and opinion polls show he has a majority of voters behind him when it comes to reconstruction.

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But American democracy is down to the count.

It was certainly naive to think that the Republican Party would lose its grip once Donald Trump resigned, but it is even more shocking that the party must continue to give oxygen to Trump’s wild lies and conspiracies regarding election fraud. After the attack on Congress, it was hoped that even his most loyal supporters would suffice, but a correction to what happened on January 6 is already underway. This is not a violent attack and attack on American democracy, it is a legitimate demonstration that voters have been robbed of their votes. Even Mike Pence, who risked his life for Trump, pays homage to his old boss.

Threat to democracy Is precise in undermining legal choices. The lie about election fraud is rooted among Republican voters and is at the top of the party. In the spring, the 14 states led by the Georgia Arena adopted new restrictions on the right to vote, which is said to prevent future election fraud. In fact, the minority voters who have traditionally voted for Democrats have been particularly affected. Instead of changing policies to attract more diversity to the electorate, Republicans will find it harder to get them to vote.

Joe Biden has responded by proposing a bill that would guarantee the right to vote and stop attempts at voter repression, but it will not thank one of his own. West Virginia Senator Joe Munch has become one of Washington’s most powerful politicians since taking over the presidency. With the split Senate, the Conservative Democrats are, so to speak, on the edge. Biden cannot bet on cooperation with the other side. The Republican leadership has vowed to oppose and vote for everything that comes from the Biden administration.

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The polarity was bad Under Barack Obama, it has become worse under Donald Trump and utterly devastating after the election. Obama has pushed himself into the debate. He fears that “the first real experiment in creating a great multicultural culture” will fail. In an interview with CNN on Monday, Obama said: “There is cause for concern when one of our largest parties, five or ten years ago, was ready to embrace a foreign and unacceptable way of looking at democracy.”

This is the background that Biden has with him in his luggage for Europe, where he will talk about the strength of democracy. In the face of a dictatorial president, it had serious weaknesses.