October 23, 2021

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Jeff Bezos – Millions

In a few days – on the same date as the first lunar landing: July 20 – the stage is set for Jeff Bezos’ space flight aboard the Blue Origin spacecraft.

The Amazon founder was originally supposed to bring his own brother, an 82-year-old pilot Wally Funk And the paying traveler who won the ticket at auction. The winning bid was $ 28 million.


However, it is now clear that the anonymous traveler withdrew from the trip as a result of the “planning conflict”, he writes. Defender.

The passenger will now be replaced by 18-year-old Oliver Timon, who will be younger when he flies into space on July 20 with space agency Blue Origin’s new Shepherd ship.

“This marks the beginning of business operations for the new Shepherd, and Oliver represents a new generation that will help us build the path to space,” said Blue Origin CEO Bob Smith.

The report said the trip would fulfill a lifelong dream for Damon, who has been inspired by space since the age of four. However, the price of the 18-year-old ticket is unknown.

Near the crisis: The astronauts on the SpaceX rocket are scheduled to launch an object into space on April 23, 2021. Video: Abby Reporter: Waggard Krueger
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Wally Funk, an 82-year-old pilot, can adorn himself with a title when he finally arrives in space. He will be the oldest person to go into space.

Wally Funk is referred to as an early female space pioneer. He completed a training program to become an astronaut in the 60s, but was denied awards because of his gender.

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In a two-minute clip shared on Instagram by Bezos after inviting Funky on a historic trip, the 82-year-old says he is looking forward to the trip.

– I never thought I would wake up, Funk said.

Defeated by France

Bezos and the space company Blue Origin have spent more than six years developing the space travel rocket New Shepherd, and the company wants to win the race to make space tourism accessible to ordinary people.

However, they were attacked by British businessman Richard Branson, who left Norway at 16.40 on Sunday with the VSS Unity spacecraft off the desert of New Mexico.

An hour later, the spacecraft returned safely to the runway, and Branson became the first person to visit space on his own spacecraft, NDP writes.

With a crew of five, all the crew of the Virgin Galactic flew to the edge of Branson space. VSS reached the Unity Room just before 5.30pm. There they can enjoy weightlessness for three to four minutes and see the outside of the earth beneath them.

– My life experience, said Branson during the Virgin Galactics’ own live broadcast.

Branson was scheduled to depart later this year, before his company could bring in paid passengers next year. But on July 2, Branson said he would expedite the trip. He further added that this was not a race and that he was not trying to defeat the Bezos.