January 17, 2022

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Jake Paul thinks the fight will change his life – Viji

YouTube’s big boxing match takes place near his hometown, where he was teased by his classmates and told by teachers that he was not smart.


The 24-year-old calls what is set to happen Monday night “life-changing”, he writes USA Today.

VG broadcasts the match from night to Monday. It is expected to start at around 05. You can also look at the registration later. You can purchase access here

The fight against UFC champion Tyrone Woodley (39) will be the toughest test he has ever faced in his boxing career. The newspaper says he has signed a deal with the television company Showy and can secure ten million dollars for him.

But it is on one “condition”: the war must be won. Interest is then maintained and Paul and Showtime can continue to sell passes to pay for visits to similar conferences.

The contest can be purchased in the US for $ 60. When Big Brother Logan Floyd met Mayweather in June, boxing champion Mayweather came out on top, but no winner was selected, which is said to have sold for $ 50 million each.

The boxing match rocket mortgage takes place at Fieldhouse, not far from Paul’s hometown of Westlake, Ohio. This is where the Paul brothers grew up, the little brother being a wild student and student. According to USA Today, he often talks about classmates and teachers who do not trust him.

She must have dropped out of high school to pursue her dream of becoming a YouTube star, but must have kept her graduation documents in order even after finishing school online.

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Along with his brother Logan (26), he has had great success on social media, and despite numerous abuses Corruption, They have tens of thousands of followers.

Paul’s boxing interest is very recent. But he has obviously trained a lot, and according to experts is a decent athlete. He has three wins in three matches: another against YouTube, one against a basketball player and one against a former UFC champion.

Now a former UFC champion has been left in another corner.

– This is my way of life. Enemy Tyrone Woodley says it’s a bucket list thing for him MMA hours.

When the 39-year-old was asked if YouTube fit his wishes and had the ability to resist when things got tough, he replied:

– You will see Jake Paul injured.

– He may not want to do this again.