October 23, 2021

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Jair Paulsonaro reportedly demanded a portion of employees’ salaries – NRK Urix – Overseas News and Documentaries

When Bolzano took office in 2019, he promised to free his homeland from the yoke of corruption. But the site UOL This week «Jair’s Secret Life has produced a series of articles under the ignite of ign.

It is said here that the President ruled a fraudulent regime for almost 30 years between being elected between 1991 and 2018.

The English also refer to this case Defender.

One of the articles contains audio recordings of a woman allegedly named Andrea Seguerra Valle. She is the sister of Bolsanaro’s second wife, Anna Cristina Vale, and was married to her until 2007.

The ex-brother-in-law tells how his brother was fired from his job at the Bolzano office in Parliament.


What his brother should be guilty of is that he did not give Paulsonaro a fair share of his salary, which is common practice in Brazilian society.

This is an organization called Rachatinha, a slang word meaning “withdrawal of money”, from a sub to superior.

When Flavio, the son of Bolzano, was sitting in the state assembly in Rio, he had long suspected that he was a key figure in such an operation.

Senator Flavio Bolzano, son of Brazilian President Jair Bolzano

The president’s son, Flavio Bolzano, has been a senator in the state legislature in Rio. He now sits on the commission investigating the corona manipulation of the president and the government.

Photo: Jefferson Rudy / AFP

In another audio recording, with the same woman, Bolzano’s ex-brother-in-law says that he can do a lot to create problems in Bolzano’s life.

– That’s what they’re afraid of, says the female voice.

Request for departure

These revelations are fabricated by the president’s attorney and are dismissed as misinterpretations.

But the case has sparked fresh demands for the resignation of a controversial president who has already provoked many with his unscientific approach to the corona epidemic.

On July 3, 2021, a man disguised as a vaccine symbol during a demonstration against Jair Bolsanaro.

Jair Bolzano’s handling of the corona epidemic has received many criticisms. During the demonstrations on Saturday, July 3, a protester in Sao Paulo was dressed up as a vaccine symbol, against the latest revelations in the government’s purchase of vaccines.

Photo: Miguel Shinkariol / AFP

Three major demonstrations have taken place since the end of May as tens of thousands of protesters filled the streets of several cities following allegations of fraud at the highest level in connection with the purchase of vaccines.

According to UOL columnist Leonardo Sagamoto, the audio recordings show that the president was at the forefront of a mafia plot and that the presidency in Brazil was hijacked by a criminal consortium.

Demonstration against Brazilian President Jair Bolzano on Saturday, July 3 in Sao Paulo.

There have been several major protests against Jair Bolzano in recent months. There is no doubt what this protester thought about the country’s president in Sao Paulo this weekend.

Photo: Nelson Antoine / A.P.


Bolzano was already on the sidelines of a witch speculation and fraud charge.

Former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, his main rival for the current presidency, is living in unrelenting political turmoil. In March, the political scene was recaptured. Silva will be Bolsanaro’s main challenge in next year’s election.

Three senators have reported the president to have committed financial fraud, and the country’s Supreme Court has ordered Attorney General Augusto Aras, appointed by Bolsanaro, to investigate the suspicions.

The opposition wants the president to stand trial, and has put forward a long list of allegations, old and new. But Bolzano dismisses it all as a political witch hunt.

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