January 17, 2022

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– It goes towards the end – VG

Pressed: During a meeting between the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson and the Prime Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon in 2019. Photo: Jane Barlow / PA Wire

Scottish independence and Irish reunification. This would be the result of nationalism, which is now tearing the British Union to pieces, believes Norway’s leading British expert.


Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon in the fight against British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Two strong, steep politicians who had played key roles in a conflict that would lead to the end of the trade union between Scotland and England from 1707, and threaten the whole of Britain by Wales and Northern Ireland to London.

– Here are two powerful people standing against each other. But now that there are such strong forces, I don’t think Boris Johnson can stop this anymore, says John Eric Mustad VG, author and senior lecturer in British studies at the University of Acts.

– This comes to an end for the union, Mustad concludes.

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Background: Scotland elected independent parties

The The Scottish Nationalist Party SNP won a clear victory In Saturday’s election, and after strengthening his mandate, Sturgeon was ready for a referendum on Scottish independence by 2023.

“If the government in London tries to overthrow Scottish democracy by denying us a referendum, it is absurd and completely unacceptable,” Sturgeon said Sunday. Reproduced in the Herald.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has made it very clear that this is a new referendum No. Current. His message was that when the Scots held a referendum in 2011 and the unionists won a narrow victory, no new opportunities arose.

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Met VG Scots’ strong woman: – We don’t like Boris Johnson

Destroyed: The Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) and its leader Nicola Sturgeon emerged strong in Saturday’s election. Photo: Andy Buchanan / AFP

Two possibilities

Johnson has two options for stopping the Scots: one is to call new elections and make the British Union a major issue. If he wins, it could be used as a mandate to keep the union together with the new laws.

– This is not possible, Johnson won the election in 2019, and there is no need to hold a new election before 2024. Johnson is also aware that his party did worse than expected from opinion polls, which saw them at gaining about a third of the seats.

– At the same time, Johnson is very divided and all the reports coming from him are pouring petrol on the fire. He was asked by his own party to stay away from the Scottish election campaign, Mustadd points out.

Another option is to go to court and refuse to accept the Scottish decision to hold a referendum.

– Johnson says it is unconstitutional to hold a referendum without London’s consent. The case then goes to the British Supreme Court, which Mustad says is not possible.

Expert: John Eric Mustad, Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in British Studies at the University of Actor. Photo: Harold Hendon

Won local elections

Like Sturgeon in Scotland, Johnson has strengthened since the local elections in the UK last week and the elections in Hartlbull. The Conservative Party performed surprisingly well in both places.

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But in those elections, Scottish independence was not an issue.

– In the UK, there is not much interest in this case. However, Mustad says nationalists in both Northern Ireland and Wales have strengthened opposition to the rule from London during Johnson’s rule.

– Johnson could be the best coach so the union would not collapse on his watch. But the demand for independence has become stronger and stronger in Scotland for more than ten years now, the UK expert adds, ending with a prediction that means he will have to change his job title:

– I think both Scottish independence and Irish reunification are inevitable in a generation.