January 17, 2022

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– Israelis are brainwashed – VG

Destroyed: A Palestinian woman with her child was destroyed by an Israeli airstrike in the rubble of their home. Photo: Mohamed Sale / REUTERS

The conflict over Beirut (VG) Gaza has been called the world’s biggest stumbling block. Meet someone who thinks they have the solution.


– In the short term, I do not think there will be any immediate solution. There will be no lifting of the siege, no dialogue with Hamas, no rehabilitation of Gaza. Unexpectedly.

The acquaintance thinks so Israeli commentator Gideon Levy. He is a commentator on the liberal Israeli newspaper Haaretz and has been favored by many Israeli readers for his critical role in the Israeli conflict.

But still not hate much, hate. He says he had to have bodyguards after the war in 2014.

– This war was very sad because the security here in Israel is very polarized. Israelis have been brainwashed by the media in Israel. They do not see what is being done when dozens of children are killed in Gaza, but are in armor when a building is attacked in Israel. A lot of information is hidden from them, he believes.

Advice: – I think Israel is moving in a very conservative direction, says commentator Gideon Levy. Photo: Harold Berg Severit

– Lift the siege

– This is depressing because Gaza has no plans for Israel. Instead, Levy believes there will be a new round of war in two to three years, and with each new round Hamas has become more dangerous.

The recent war in Gaza has shocked many military analysts in Israel. The number of rockets fired at Israel and how far they went has taken many by surprise.

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– But why wouldn’t anyone negotiate with Hamas? Why didn’t the EU talk to them? I do not understand that it is so wrong when we negotiate with Iran, the commentator wonders.

He talks about inhaling and exhaling on a topic he has written for four decades.

– I think Israel should give Hamas a fair chance. Let the siege be lifted and Gaza become a free space with its own airport and connect them to the world. Let them breathe for the sake of God.

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Israeli commentator: Our stupidity and arrogance are causing this to happen

– Hamas exists, will continue to exist, we may or may not like them. But I think there are some wise men with them. Well, they do not want to recognize Israel as a nation, but what?

– What is a peace treaty?

– The dream of the West for a two state solution will never happen. The only thing we can achieve is a democracy and a state. We missed the opportunity to get a two state solution, I think.

– But will Hamas never accept an agreement without reclaiming the land?

– Israel cannot expel 700,000 immigrants. I don’t understand how that can happen. We simply need to change the discourse and put in place a democracy with equal rights. One has only one voice. That’s the only direction we can get a solution, I think.

Hamas: Hamas marched through the streets of Gaza after the ceasefire. It is estimated that between 100 and 200 of their fighters were killed by Israeli airstrikes. Photo: Mohamed Saber / EPA

– Nus Hamas

Israeli commentator Yitzhak Sokoloff writes in a recent study in the most conservative newspaper Jerusalem Post The solution is to get rid of Hamas.

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“Israel and Hamas seem to have two different rules – Israel is doing everything it can to protect its own people and reduce the destruction of the Palestinian civilian population in Gaza, while Hamas is happily doing everything it can to attack and provoke Israel,” he wrote. He.

He supports a military intervention by Israel to enter Gaza and crush Hamas.

“The only way to liberate Palestinians now living under Hamas control is to invade. Morally, this would be completely justified.

He continues to talk about expanding Israel as a nation.

“The best way to crush Hamas and its inherent hatred is to strengthen Israel. May Israel create a better future for all.”

Civilians: – Gaza is a small place with a population of two million. Rasha Abushaban says schools, health centers, roads and water treatment plants have been damaged. Photo: Private

– Ceasefire does not change anything

Palestinian Rasha Abushaban (36) works with the humanitarian situation in Gaza and holds a master’s degree in international development.

– Although this is a ceasefire, it is not the end of the siege or the conflict. We are still occupied, VG on the phone from Gaza.

– We have been under siege since 2007 when democratically elected Hamas assumed government control here, he continues.

He describes how the recent war has hit neighboring countries hard, with severe airstrikes and the destruction of civilian infrastructure such as roads, medical centers and water treatment plants.

– The root of the conflict is politics, and what is needed is for the authorities and world leaders to push Israel to end war crimes against civilians, end the siege and end the occupation.

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He believes Israel repeatedly violated humanitarian law when it killed civilians.

– What to do with Hamas?

– It is inhumane to always be asked about this. Most of the people who live here are civilians, we are killed in a pro-Hamas environment. Israel racially cleansed the Palestinians before Hamas was founded in the 1980s.

The Gaza State Health Ministry said in a statement to the VG that 248 people, including 66 children, had been killed in Gaza. On the Israeli side, 12 people were killed, two of them children.

– I can not speak for Hamas, but I am talking about the obvious human rights violations committed by the Palestinians against us. It can never be justified.

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