January 17, 2022

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Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Promises “uninterrupted” bombing of Gaza

The last 24 hours are the largest and most aggressive attack on the hermetically sealed Gaza Strip since 2014. Reports say more than a thousand bombs, grenades and rockets have been fired and dropped on Gaza. Jerusalem Post.

The Israeli military calls its current operational action Guardian of the Walls, They write themselves.

– Pay lovingly

Red flames lit up the sky as people raised the sound of explosions on the outskirts of Gaza City. The attacks were so powerful that people inside the city screamed in fear several kilometers away, the news agency writes.

– I said we would allow Hamas to pay so much love. “We are doing it now, and we will continue to do so powerfully,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a video statement.

Earlier on Thursday night, Israeli tanks began firing grenades into the Gaza Strip.

There is no one on the ground

The Israeli army (IDF) sent a statement to the media after midnight on Friday that a new phase of ground forces was underway, claiming that there were soldiers in the Gaza Strip. News agency AFP also confirmed the information.

Benjamin Netanyahu’s spokesman released videos showing Hamas firing rockets from a residential area in the Gaza Strip. The videos are old and from Syria. Video: Twitter
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“Military spokesman Jonathan Conricus confirmed that Israeli soldiers entered the Palestinian stronghold without giving numbers,” the AFP wrote.

Two hours later, the IDF issued a statement saying the chaos was due to internal communication failure, and that there were “no soldiers” in the Gaza Strip.

9000 reservation

On Thursday, a senior diplomatic source told Israeli Channel 12 that it was considering launching a ground operation in response to the ongoing rocket attacks against Israel from the Gaza Strip.

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Kantz said the day before that 9,000 reservists were waiting for a ground invasion. The report comes two days after the military approved the mobilization of 5,000 reservists.

DISAGREE: US blocks joint report on dramatic developments in the Middle East Video: Johannes Worsiberg Report: Vagard Quale
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The conflict between Israel and the Palestinians came as Hamas began firing rockets into Jerusalem on Monday night in response to Hamas’ belief in Israeli provocations. Hamas has said it wants to defend Jerusalem. Israel responded quickly with airstrikes against Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip.

Since then, nearly 2,000 rockets have been fired from the Gaza Strip in Israel.

On the Israeli side, seven people were reported killed, one of them a boy, and several others were injured.

The Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip Health Ministry said 109 Palestinians, including 28 children and 15 women, had been killed and 621 wounded. Hamas and the Islamic holy war (jihad) have confirmed that about 20 people were killed between them, and several military leaders are said to be one of them.

Attacks and conflicts

Serious Jews have clashed with Israeli Arabs and police, Israeli Arabs have clashed with Israeli police, and the situation has worsened in several cities across the country. Netanyahu and several senior politicians have condemned the clashes.

In Tel Aviv, a group of right-wing extremist Jews marched through the Hadigwa neighborhood on Thursday, shouting “death on Arabs”. Later, clashes erupted, in which journalists were also attacked.

– Nothing can justify the killing of Arabs by Jews. Netanyahu said on Thursday that nothing could justify the killing of Jews by the Arabs.

He warned that Israel was now waging a war on “two fronts.”

Security Council

At the request of Norway, China and Tunisia, Norwegian officials confirmed Friday night that the UN Security Council will meet at 10 a.m. Sunday (16 Norwegian time).

This is the third meeting on the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians in less than a week. At the request of Norway, China and Tunisia, the UN Security Council met behind closed doors on Monday and Wednesday. Twice, the three countries put forward plans for a joint statement that the United States would not support.

– Another question is whether this is relevant with a statement, compared to other efforts they have made, said Foreign Minister Ene Erickson Seride (H) when commenting on the US position to the NDP on Wednesday.

The third meeting on Sunday will be open doors.

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