January 17, 2022

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Israel withdraws ground forces in Gaza – VG

BEIRUT / OSLO (VG) Airstrikes from Israel and Gaza continue Thursday.


On Thursday night, Israeli security announced that ground and air forces would be attacking Gaza.

Israeli military spokesman Jonathan Conrigus confirmed to AFP that Israeli troops had entered the Gaza Strip, but did not say how many were involved.

Later, security sent a new message in which they withdrew the message that ground forces had entered the Gaza Strip, and the NDP writes that the chaos was due to “internal communication failure”.

“Clarification: There are no ground forces in the Gaza Strip now,” the Times of Israel reported.

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A man named Israel is now hunting

It was already reported that it was Tuesday Including Israeli tanks, ground forces and bulldozers Located near the border with Gaza.

Earlier on Thursday, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Kants approved the deployment of 9,000 troops in the Reserve Force – described by the Ministry of Defense as an “extraordinary mobilization”.

The IDF calls on all Israeli residents within a four-kilometer radius of the Gaza Strip to seek asylum and asylum – otherwise be silenced.

Fire: Rockets fired again from Gaza against Israel. Photo: Mohamed Saber / EPA

In a video shared on Twitter, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says they will continue the operation as long as they need to.

– I said we would demand the highest price from Hamas. We do this and will continue to do so with seriousness. The last words have not been said and the Prime Minister says the move will continue as long as necessary.

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He says they are fighting on two fronts – one in Gaza and one in the cities of Israel.

– We fully support the work of the police, border police and the rest of the security forces in restoring law and order in Israeli cities. We will not tolerate anarchy.

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Khalid dug from the rubble: – It is a miracle that we are alive

– The cycle of violence in the Middle East must end. I insist on a ceasefire and dialogue. “I ask for peace and quiet,” French President Emmanuel Macron wrote on Twitter.

U.S. Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield writes on Twitter that the Security Council will meet again on Sunday to discuss the situation.

– The United States will continue to actively engage in high-level diplomacy to try to reduce the situation.

Fire: Israeli forces carried out artillery attacks on Gaza on Thursday afternoon. Photo: Emmanuel Dunant / AFP

The attacks continued into the night

On Thursday night, the NDP claimed that Israel had dropped artillery shells into the Gaza Strip.

According to an eyewitness, about 200 Palestinians have sought refuge in a school run by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA).

The use of artillery after Israeli warplanes and drones hit more than 1,000 targets at a Palestinian base in recent days is an escalation of the conflict.

The death toll in Gaza has risen

On the same day that the first day of ID was celebrated by Muslim Palestinians, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip told VG that 103 people had been killed in Israeli attacks, 27 of them children and eleven women.

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Another 580 people were injured in the attack.

According to the news agency Reuters, this puts further pressure on the health system, which has already been severely affected by the corona epidemic.

Killed: A man was found dead Thursday in the rubble of a house in the town of Pete Lahia, north of the Gaza Strip. Photo: QUSAY DAWUD / AFP

On Twitter, he writes that the Israeli army bombed what they claim to be military Hamas targets in central Gaza on Thursday.

Meanwhile, several media outlets reported that families with children and infants had been killed in Thursday’s attack on Gaza.

– We face Israel and Govt-19. “We are in the middle of two enemies,” said Azad Karam, a 20-year-old construction worker standing near the road destroyed by rocket attacks in Gaza.

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Khalid dug out of the ruins: – It is a miracle that we are alive

On Thursday night, videos shared on social media show more than five children killed in an Israeli attack in southern Gaza.

In some places they are said to have been killed by artillery fire, in other places it appeared from an air strike. VG did not have the opportunity to check the videos independently.

Pictures and videos are being shared of Gaza showing civilians leaving their homes after being hit by artillery.

According to the Reuters news agency, Palestinian health officials are investigating several deaths that people died in the night before Thursday – officials say they may have died after inhaling the poisonous gas.

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CONFLICT: Smoke billowed from the city of Rafah, north of the Gaza Strip, following Israeli airstrikes on Thursday. Photo: SAID KHATIB / AFP

Rocket attacks against Israel continue

Israeli security said on Thursday afternoon that 160 rockets had been fired from militant groups in Gaza.

Defense says another 40 rockets were fired, but they did not land across the border into Gaza.

At 21:00 on Thursday night, air defense sirens will fly to the center and south of the country – including Lot and Ramley outside Tel Aviv and the border towns of Ashdod and Ashkelon. Harretz.

A rocket is said to have hit a spot in Ashkelon. Says no one should be injured by the rocket Times of Israel.

Seven people have been killed in Israel in the first rocket attack in Gaza since Monday, including a six-year-old child and a 20-year-old soldier.

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New rocket attacks: Bomb blast at critical Hamas building

The new meeting of the Security Council is not scheduled for Friday

The new meeting of the Security Council on the dramatic situation in the Middle East will not take place before Sunday.

This week, the UN Security Council held two emergency meetings on the conflict between Israel and Hamas, initiated by Norway, China and Tunisia.

According to diplomatic sources, the United States has twice set foot in the draft joint statement written by the three countries.

During a press conference at the White House on Thursday, US President Joe Biden said: “One thing I have seen so far is that there has not been a significant overreaction.